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Meaning of ‘Rattle’ by ‘Megan Thee Stallion’

Released: 2024

Diving into “Rattle” by Megan Thee Stallion, we find our girl serving us more than just bars; she’s delivering a manifesto on her supremacy in the game. The track is all about how Megan navigates through hate, wealth, and her dominance in hip-hop. She’s telling us loud and clear: she’s the queen and ain’t no one gonna dethrone her.

The song jumps off with Megan calling out the haters and gossipers straight away. “Ain’t got no tea on me, this ho’ think she TMZ” —she’s saying she’s clean; no dirt on her for tabloids to exploit. Megan’s setting the record: she’s unmatched, and as soon as everyone accepts she’s that b***h, they’ll be better off. It’s like she’s inviting us into her world—one where she’s both the hot topic and the untouchable.

She’s also putting the spotlight on her success and work ethic. When she mentions “Buy a Birkin, city to city” and “Writin’ verses, bitches ain’t pennin’” she’s letting us know her pen game is strong and her hustle is unmatched. She’s traveling, performing, and living the luxurious life, all while crafting her own bars—a subtle jab at others in the industry who might not be writing their own material.

The heart of the track, though, is where Megan deals with betrayal and backstabbers. She talks about being too friendly and thinking “everything was all good,” only to find out she was surrounded by enemies. This is deeper than just rap beef; it’s about personal betrayal. Yet, Megan flips it, indicating that these challenges only fuel her determination. She’s ready to take on “the whole world” if that’s what it takes.

One of the most powerful messages Megan drives home is about self-worth and not letting anyone disrupt her peace or income. “Whatever don’t pay me don’t faze me” is a mantra for ignoring haters and focusing on her bag. Plus, she brings in a critical perspective on gender dynamics in hip-hop, criticizing how some guys would rather attack women than face their own issues.

In the latter part of “Rattle,” Megan tackles the topic of jealousy and the internet’s obsession with tearing successful people down. She’s calling out those stuck in the past and warns other successful women to be wary of snakes. Yet, through it all, Megan’s resilience shines. She refuses to let negativity bring her down, signified by her repeating “Ain’t got no tea on me, this ho’ think she TMZ” as a catchy, empowering refrain that sticks with you long after the track ends.

There you have it, “Rattle” by Megan Thee Stallion in a nutshell. It’s a battle cry, a celebration of success, and a reflection on the trials she’s faced. Megan’s not just making music; she’s making statements. And with “Rattle,” she proves once again why she’s at the top of her game.

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