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Meaning of ‘Ready’ by ‘Fabolous’ feat. Chris Brown

Released: 2013

Alright, let’s break it down now, ya heard. “Ready” by Fabolous, featuring Chris Brown, is a hot track about that electric chemistry between two folks who are eager for that intimate connection. The lyrics get their vibe from that intense feeling of anticipation and readiness, with a spoonful of swagger and sensuality to spice things up.

Moving to the first verse, Fabolous paints a vivid picture of an intimate moment, using playful phrasing and innuendos. When he says “Call you when I get there, you just get your shit wetty” and “She gon’ dive in head first, school me like the board of ed”, he’s hinting at the spicy rendezvous they’re about to have. The line “No cup for the thirsty, she bad as controversy” is basically bigging up his lady, saying she’s as tantalising as hot gossip.

The hook by Chris Brown gives a smooth transition about this intense attraction, using metaphorical language. “I feel it comin’ on strong, you’re so heavy” is about the gravitational pull he feels towards her and the impending romance.

As we flow into the second verse, Fabolous speaks with confidence about the reciprocation he gets from his girl. Lines like “I put some kisses on neck, let me warm that engine up” and “That’s that love comin’ down” highlight the emotional and physical connection between them. The reference to “Rodney King that teen girl, can’t we all just get along?” is a potent comparison to the infamous police brutality case, suggesting the intense, possibly tumultuous relationship. But don’t be mistaken, Fab’s making it loud and clear he’s ready for it.

In the last section, it’s all about celebrating this readiness and anticipation. He’s recognizing other ‘ready’ folks in the room, emphasizing a shared vibe and energy. The repetition, “She’s ready, so ready. She ready, so I’m ready” emphasizes this mutual readiness, mirroring the infectious excitement in the air.

Through the whole joint, Fabolous and Chris Brown create a seductive narrative about the intoxicating allure of being ready for an intimate connection. It’s all about that tension, that swagger, and that readiness to dive right in. So, put this track on repeat and let it school you on the art of anticipation!

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