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Meaning of ‘Ric Flair Drip’ by ‘Offset’ feat. Metro Boomin

Released: 2017

“Ric Flair Drip” is all about flaunting wealth, status, and the lifestyle that comes with success in the hip-hop game. Offset uses slick wordplay and references to make it clear he’s made it big, with a nod to the legendary wrestler Ric Flair, known for his lavish persona.

Offset kicks it off with a shoutout to Metro Boomin. He’s on a roll, bragging about shopping at the jeweler, getting an AP watch, and cruising like a boss on a jet-ski. The line “I’m tryna fuck you and your bestie” shows his playboy lifestyle. The “chopper with the scope” line means he’s armed and dangerous, so don’t mess with him.

The refrain “Ric Flair drip, go ‘woo’ on a bitch” is a homage to Ric Flair’s signature catchphrase, showing off his style and swagger. The “57-90, split the coupe on my wrist” line refers to the costly watch on his wrist, emphasizing his expensive taste. Dropping the roof of his Lamborghini, he’s living the high life.

In the first verse, Offset mentions “90 pointers down my diamonds look like hula hoops”. He’s talking about the high quality of the diamonds he owns. He’s got Bentaygas with massage seats and he’s decked out in Balenciaga and Valentino. It’s all flex and no stress, accumulating cash and slaying beats from day one.

Offset highlights how he and his crew are ready for anything, never hesitating to handle threats with yellow tape. The line “Put my mind on it, then I put my grind on it” speaks to his relentless work ethic. He’s driving around with $500K money and is unstoppable—showing constant hustle and ambition.

The second verse zeroes in on loyalty and betrayal. “Nigga, we used to kick it, how you hatin’ on me?” questions former friends who turned into haters. He emphasizes his roots from the north division. The verse continues with assertive boasts about firepower, financial success, and dealing with enemies.

When he says “I’m giving your ho away like she a raffle”, he’s asserting his dominance. To wrap it up, he admits to praying after wild activities, showing a nod to seeking redemption after chaotic behavior.

In the end, Offset brings it back to the hook, underlining the repetitive themes of unparalleled opulence, sexual adventures, and a reminder not to test his resolve with his “chopper with the scope.” Every lyric drips with self-assuredness and an unshakeable sense of success.

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