Released: 2023

Features: Sexyy Red, SZA

Yo, before we dive in, let’s set the stage. “Rich Baby Daddy” is a track dipped in the essence of opulence and desire. It plays on the classic theme of entanglement between wealth, attraction, and power dynamics within relationships. With the combined lyrical prowess of Sexyy Red, SZA, and a feature by Drake, this joint is woven with the contrasts of deep emotions and the flashy hip-hop lifestyle.

The song kicks off with a smooth inquiry on significance, “Is it all? I could be another,” as if challenging the authenticity of a connection amidst flashy distractions. Then it drops straight into a provocative command from Drake, “Bend that ass over (bow), let that coochie breathe,” which is straight-up club talk for a command performance, all eyes on the prize, with the expectation of a dance that’s as much about liberation as it is about showing out. He’s setting a stage of hedonism, control, and showmanship, that classic call-and-response you see when an artist commands the crowd.

Drake’s verse is a play on contrasts. He talks about having “some love deep inside of me” even for a girl who’s already got a man, who “is not a guy to me.” It’s about that realness, finding something genuine even when the world’s filled with fakes. “Rollie gang, patty gang, rich baby daddy gang” is a straight-up flaunt of wealth and status. But then he flips it, pointing out a shared background with lines like “Hood bitch, tat her gang ‘fore she tat her name,” signaling loyalty and authenticity in a world obsessed with labels.

Drake Rich Baby Daddy (feat. Sexyy Red & SZA)

Enter SZA, bringing that soulful introspection, “You been so good and you deserve to end your suffering,” implying a deeper connection and seeking comfort beyond physical pleasure. It’s a moment of vulnerability, acknowledging the emotional undertones often skimmed over in the pursuit of pleasure. When SZA repeats “I can’t let you get away,” it’s a nod to the tension of wanting something more substantial in a relationship that might just be a fling.

From here, Sexyy Red enters with her verse, dripping confidence and self-assuredness with “You like my voice, I turn you on.” We see a woman owning her sexuality, her allure signaled by “Red weave, it match my thong.” She boasts about attracting men with her fame (“He heard about me, know my song”) and flaunts her appearance with vivid imagery “Nails done, I’m fine as fuck.” And when she says “I’m lucky,” it feels like a celebration of her status and independence.

The song closes with Drake contemplating the realness of the relationship with lines like “You know the root of it, You know the lies and you know the truth of it.” It’s about seeing through the façades and recognizing something genuine. And in the line “poppin’ my shit come with consequences,” he admits that his bravado isn’t without fallout. To wrap it up, we see a switch from temporary thrills to something longer-lasting, a metaphorical “dog” that needs caring, culminating with the aspiration for a more enduring connection.

The essence of “Rich Baby Daddy” is a blend of surface level braggadocio and an undercurrent of real connections. It’s got that bounce and flex common to hip-hop extravagance but doesn’t shy away from exploring the layers beneath that shiny exterior. From the bass-thumping clubs to the quiet after-hours vulnerability, it’s a track that plays on both the ostentatious and the introspective aspects of the game.