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Meaning of ‘Same Asshole’ by ‘Jelly Roll’

Released: 2019

In “Same Asshole” by Jelly Roll, the artist gets real about his struggles with the past, personal growth, and the constant battle against his own demons. Through a blend of introspection and raw honesty, Jelly Roll shares his journey towards change while acknowledging that at times, he’s still “that same asshole.”

The track kicks off with Jelly Roll wrestling with his actions and their consequences, understanding that no matter how much good he does, he’s often defined by his mistakes. This internal conflict is captured in the lines, “No matter what I do, there’s no escaping my past / I do everything I can and it keeps chasing my ass.” Here, the artist reflects on how his past actions haunt him, despite his attempts to move forward and improve.

In the second verse, Jelly Roll delves deeper into his personal life, discussing his relationship with his family and the pressures of success. He mentions his “infatuation with sad clowns,” which symbolizes the artist finding solace in those who entertain others while hiding their own pain. This segues into his acknowledgment of the bittersweet nature of his journey in lines like, “I admit besides the blessings there was lessons in it.” Here, Jelly Roll emphasizes that despite the hardships, he’s learned and grown from his experiences.

As the song progresses, Jelly Roll opens up about the challenges facing his family, from his baby mama’s struggles to his father’s leukemia and his mother’s dementia. Amidst sharing these personal battles, he highlights a glimmer of hope with his daughter’s success and his own dream of making music. Yet, despite these victories, the chorus brings us back to the reality that sometimes, he reverts to being “the same old me.” This repetition reinforces the theme of personal struggle with change and the acceptance that improvement is a continuous process.

“Same Asshole” paints a picture of a man caught between the desire to evolve and the inevitable moments of falling back into old habits. Jelly Roll’s candid lyrics and emotional delivery invite listeners to reflect on their own journeys of growth, forgiveness, and the ongoing effort to be better, even when faced with the temptation to revert to familiar ways.

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