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Meaning of ‘SCIENTISTS & ENGINEERS’ by ‘Killer Mike’ feat. André 3000, Eryn Allen Kane, Future

Released: 2023

Features: André 3000, Eryn Allen Kane, Future

“SCIENTISTS & ENGINEERS” by Killer Mike, featuring André 3000, Eryn Allen Kane, and Future is an introspective and candid look at the artist’s reality, ambitions, and struggles, laced with social commentary on American society. The song serves as a bold declaration of the artist’s intention to leave a lasting impact and legacy in the world.

From the outset, we find Killer Mike reminiscing about his past, “Standin’ in the rain (standin’ in the rain)/Washin’ all my sins”, suggesting he’s wrestling with his past actions. The repeated line, “I’ma live, I’ma live forever,” is a boast and a hope, reflecting a drive to leave a lasting legacy and influence.

We’ve got André 3000 known for enchanting listeners with his laid-back flow and intricate wordplay. His verse displays his trademark cleverness with its rich imagery — “Duke Ellington in this bitch, rebelling is like an itch” — a nod to the renowned jazz composer, indicating that like Ellington, André’s artistry aims to disrupt the status quo.

Next, Future’s verse talks of experiences in the trap, veiled in a luxurious lifestyle that includes Range Rovers and Lambos (slang terms for luxurious cars). His lines drip with a strange mixture of success, struggle, and determination. He’s candid about the forcibly ventilated “bando” (an abandoned house used for illicit activities), implying the overt presence of danger and risk.

Then we move on to Killer Mike who takes us on an unfiltered journey through his life. He talks about his shift from being a street hustler (“I used to be dope with the dealin'”) to global successes, hinting at his transition from the streets to the stages of Germany and Brazil. His lines, “You can lie, cheat and still kill in America/Be celebrated like Captain America,” is a searing critique of American society.

The song closes with the beautiful voice of Eryn Allen Kane repeating the first verse, emphasizing the recurring theme of sin cleansing and the incessant cycle of life’s events, “Standin’ in the rain (just take me away)/Washin’ all my sins (washin’ all my-)/The streets ain’t the same/They spin one time, they’ll spin again.”

Overall, “Scientists & Engineers” shows us the three artists’ introspection, their struggles, and their dreams. It’s an unapologetic look at the realities of life in the streets, underscored by the ambition to transcend these circumstances and leave an enduring mark. It’s a testament to the power and resilience of the human spirit, even in the face of harsh realities and adversity.

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