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Meaning of ‘Sharing Locations’ by ‘Meek Mill’ feat. Lil Durk, Lil Baby

Released: 2021 • Features: Lil Durk, Lil Baby

“Sharing Locations” by Meek Mill featuring Lil Durk and Lil Baby is a haunting track that serves as a reflection on the artists’ harsh realities and experiences. It reeks of the raw intensity of their street life, their struggles, successes, and their rise to fame. The tune is rich in hardcore rap metaphors, street slang, and insider references about the artists’ personal lives and their hood experiences.

The track opens with Meek Mill referring to a woman he calls “Gang,” which probably means she’s as loyal as his gang or crew. There’s a shout-out to his NBA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for her, implying she knows too much about him. He further references his wealthy status (“New contract big like I play ball”) and indirectly warns others not to mess with him (“Lil’ boy, I ain’t nothin’ to play with”). The sharing locations part addresses modern relationship dynamics where partners often share their location with each other for safety or trust purposes.

When Meek mentions “ridin’ in the Ghost with the ghost gun,” he’s indicating that he’s driving a Rolls Royce (often called a Ghost) while carrying an untraceable firearm. The line about seeing “you out with your kids so you owe one” hints at the raw street codes of revenge. His reference to “pop with the MAC” talks about his readiness to retaliate.

Meek Mill Sharing Locations (feat. Lil Baby & Lil Durk)

Lil Durk’s verse follows a similar tone, revolving around his past life in the streets, the struggles of staying out of trouble (“I’m payin’ all the lawyers for the murderers”), and the intermingling of wealth and street life (“Hunnid racks in hunnids, they like cursive, I been sellin’ verses”). The statement “He ain’t even die by the gun, took a fake pill, – died off Percs” is a chilling commentary on the opioid crisis that’s plaguing many communities.

Lil Baby drops in with his trademark flow, melding the allure of luxury with a firm connection to his roots. His lyrics draw this line, “We go to Atlanta, then we coppin’ a Kobe,” giving a nod to his city and referencing a Rolex watch, known as a Kobe Bryant Rolex. The phrase “I’m in this – with the voice and the hero” demonstrates how highly he thinks of himself and his influence on the rap game.

The refrain “I hang with all the murderers” is a grim reminder of the environment they come from, steeped in violence, crime, and survival. It’s not a glorification but a revelation of the harsh realities they’ve faced, making “Sharing Locations” a compelling story of resilience and survival against the odds.

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