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Meaning of ‘Si Estuviésemos Juntos’ by ‘Bad Bunny’

Released: 2018

Bad Bunny’s track “Si Estuviésemos Juntos” dives deep into the bittersweet nostalgia of a past relationship. This song paints a heartfelt picture of love lost, with Bad Bunny reflecting on what could have been if they were still together. It’s both melancholic and romantic, loaded with longing and regret.

Right off the bat, the chorus hits us with the pondering of another love. Bad Bunny wonders if his ex is kissing someone else, if her eyes have forgotten him, and if time has erased their memories. This sets the somber tone, where he’s stuck wondering what could’ve happened if they were still in love.

Continuing, he admits he’s still waiting and yearning for her return, even though he knows it might mess him up mentally. He’s holding onto nostalgic moments, like dancing when they were younger and spending holidays together. The lines about getting frisky in the back of the car describe those raw, unforgettable experiences, highlighting the girl left an imprint that no one else can match.

Bad Bunny confesses he’s trying to move on but can’t. He’s stuck in clubs, unable to love someone else, and feels a void without her. The references to “Masterpiece” and “Deuces” show how music intertwines with his feelings, amplifying his sorrow and loneliness. He’s lost, with his mind spinning, each going their separate ways, but the question haunts him: what if they were still together?

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