Released: 2023

Features: Young Thug

“SKITZO (feat. Young Thug)” by Young Thug and Travis Scott paints a picture of the high life both artists lead, filled with wealth, power, and danger. It’s a vivid narrative about their navigation of both the glamour and pitfalls of their status, wrapped in the intriguing metaphor of operating in the night.

The opening lines, repeated multiple times throughout the track, set the tone of the narrative. “Believe me, I move at night when they really can’t see me” is a nod to their hustle and grind, typically associated with the nocturnal lifestyle of hip-hop artists. By moving at night, they evade the watchful eyes of their competitors or anyone wishing to bring them down.

The hook, “do that there, do that there” is an ambiguous phrase that can be interpreted in different ways. Generally, it means asserting dominance, excelling in their chosen field, or simply doing what has to be done no matter the circumstance. Alternately, it could also be seen as a challenge to their rivals, spurring them on to match their ambition and success.

Travis Scott SKITZO (feat. Young Thug)

The first verse speaks to the atmosphere of paranoia and apprehension that comes with tremendous success in the game. The lyrics touch on the artist’s disbelief of his surroundings, and his wariness of potential setups. To put it simply, moving at night, staying alert, and exercising caution are survival tactics in the volatile world of hip-hop fame and fortune.

In the next verse, Scott brags about his achievements and possessions with lines like “Bling-bling, I get a rush every time I see some diamonds” and “Rolls Royce, big ol’ truck, I’m in it”. Here, Scott celebrates his affluence while hinting at the unrelenting pursuit of wealth and status in hip-hop culture.

In a more introspective turn, Scott later makes a reference to the Titanic, symbolizing a luxurious journey that ultimately ended in disaster. This can be seen as a commentary on their own journey in the cutthroat music industry where success can be as perilous as failure.

Thug’s verse takes a more inward look, discussing the struggle of striving for greatness while preventing one’s downfall. “I stick to the code, binary like I’s and O’s” alludes to his unwavering commitment to the street code and the wisdom he has gleaned from his experiences.

Scott’s closing verse makes a bold statement with “I’m loyal, bitch, I got Ye over Biden”. This could be a reference to his loyalty to his industry peers like Kanye West over political figures like Joe Biden, illustrating the perceived disconnect between the hip-hop community and the political world.

Both artists use this track to release their unfiltered thoughts and feelings, weaving a narrative that’s filled to the brim with braggadocio, introspection, and a fair dose of cynicism. It’s a testament to their unique journeys and how they continue to navigate the complex dynamics of the hip-hop landscape.

To sum up, “SKITZO (feat. Young Thug)” is more than just a string of verses about living large; it’s a socio-cultural commentary that reflects the personal experiences, wisdom, and philosophy of two key figures in hip-hop. Yes, it’s about the opulent lifestyle, the fame and the fortune, but it’s also about the danger, the paranoia, and the ceaseless hustle that comes with it all.