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Meaning of ‘Slip N Slide’ by ‘Wizkid’ feat. Skillibeng, Shenseea

Released: 2022

“Slip N Slide” by Wizkid featuring Skillibeng and Shenseea combines sensual vibes with gritty, street-level narratives. The song flows between themes of love, lust, and raw, unfiltered street life, blending smooth melodies with hard-hitting lyrics.

The song kicks off with Skillibeng’s verse, painted in the raw colors of street life. When he says, “Me will shot ah head off / Me matic them broad and the choppa them tall,” he’s talking about the brutal realities of gang life, using slang like “matic” for automatic weapons and “choppa” for large guns.

Wizkid steps in right after, shifting the narrative to something smoother and more intimate. “I dey in love with your sexiness” showcases his penchant for romantic and sensual themes, offering a stark contrast to Skillibeng’s hard-edged opening.

The chorus, “Mi nuh inna no long talk / Come make me put it pon ya,” voiced by both Wizkid and Shenseea, serves as a recurring thread in the track. This phrase means there’s no need for endless talking; they’re all about action, where “put it pon ya” implies getting straight to the physical connection.

Shenseea, in her verse, embodies a strong, independent female persona. With lines like “I can’t be falling for these niggas, it’s a lesson,” she emphasizes her self-reliance and confidence, dismissing unnecessary emotional distractions.

Throughout the track, frequent imagery of violence (like “head shell anywhere, me killer them walk”) and intimacy (“slip it and slide”) intertwine, painting a vivid picture of a world where love and aggression coexist. Each artist brings their unique flavor, making “Slip N Slide” a compelling blend of tough street narratives and smooth, seductive vibes.

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