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Meaning of ‘So Far to Go’ by ‘J Dilla’ feat. Common, D’Angelo

Released: 2006

Features: Common, “DAngelo”

“So Far To Go” by J. Dilla featuring Common and D’Angelo is a lyrical exploration of intimacy, vulnerability, and the journey of a relationship. It’s an ode to the bright sparks and deep connections that form between two people when they allow themselves to open up and surrender to love, all layered with the artists’ signature blend of sensuality and insight.

The first verse, spun by Common, touches on the sensuality of the relationship. “Let go, and let me live inside you / What your mouth don’t say, baby your thighs do” – here, Common speaks to the unspoken connection that occurs beyond physical attraction. The ‘thighs’ reference is more about communication through bodies, an understanding that is silently passed between lovers. Further down in the verse, “Touchin’ where no one has ever touched before / The heat, got you open like an oven door” refers metaphorically to the enlightening and novel experiences the pair share as they explore their relationship boundaries. ‘Heat’ here means the passion they share.

In the chorus, “You have come so far / You’ve got so far to go” is a testament to the understanding that love is a journey, not a destination. It encapsulates the idea that relationships evolve, grow, and involve continuous exploration and discovery – the partners involved have come a long way in their emotional progress but have so far to go, indicating endless possibilities for growth.

The second verse delves deeper into the emotional connection. “I love it when we do it, you do it like you believe it / Able to give and receive it with openness” encapsulates the purity of their love – a love based on genuine feelings, trust, and openness. The reference to “Soft wet brown sugar, mixed with cinnamon” speaks to the artist’s affectionate view of his lover, often using food to denote sweetness and warmth. Near the end of the verse, “For we don’t have to think no more, it’s synchronicity and raw / And this is what I came here for” marks the epitome of their bond – they have reached a point where their connection is beautifully effortless and spontaneous, unwrapped, raw, and instinctive.

The repeated instances of the phrase “Go on, go on” provide an empowering voice, encouraging the partner to keep moving forward, to keep growing, and to keep exploring the depth of the relationship. Although the song is full of sensual undertones, it’s really about emotional growth, trust, and the intricate dance of intimacy that paves the relationship’s path.

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