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Meaning of ‘Soy de Michoacan’ by ‘Fuerza Regida’ feat. LEGADO 7

Released: 2019

“Soy de Michoacan” by Fuerza Regida, featuring LEGADO 7, Fuerza Regida, is a proud proclamation of the artists’ Mexican heritage and their Michoacán roots. The song brings to life the rugged realities of their life, while paying tribute to their origins and embedding a deep appreciation for the journey that’s led them to their current state.

The intro kicks us off with a nod towards the gritty nature of the corridos genre, with the artists stating “De los corridos originales” meaning, they create music that’s true to the original corridos style – a Mexican genre usually narrating stories of clashes with authority and life’s struggles. “Pura Fuerza Regida. Puro Legado 7, mi pa'” demonstrates their alignment with their crew and their roots. The affirmation “Yo soy de Michoacán” translates to “I am from Michoacán,” reinforcing the artist’s identity connected to their hometown.

“En los gallos apostar” translates to placing bets on roosters – a reference to cockfighting, common in Mexican culture, which signifies their inclination towards risk-taking and aggressive competition. “Hoy fui a destapar” and “Dinero pa’ gastar” paint a picture of their affluent, high-rolling lifestyle, while “Echándome un tanquecito de la motita” alludes to their recreational marijuana use.

The line “Le agradezco a mis padres por darme la vida” underscores their gratitude for their parents and the life given to them. “No pararé de chingarle, hasta que llegue hasta a la cima” oozes their determination to keep grinding till they reach the top.

“Motita de receta” indicates their source of income – trafficking marijuana, as revealed by “Hasta Kansas la mandamos, Por Atlanta traficamos”. The line “Pasatiempo, las mujeres” implies their fondness for women while “Atendiendo mis queh-er-es” suggests they’re attending to their hustles and business dealings. The phrase “Al millón con mis socios, Con el Chino y con el Lewin” portrays their camaraderie with their partners.

“Tirando humo en mi troca, me paseo tranquilo” captures their laid-back attitude, cruising around in their truck while casually smoking. The closing lines “Un saludo a mi abuelo, le apodan Pollera, Un abrazo pa’ mi hijo, lo apoyo en lo que sea, Fuga para Michoacán porque allá es mi tierra” convey their familial bonds and firm loyalty to their homeland, Michoacán. This beautifully weaves together their Mexican lineage, bold ambitions, and fearless grinds into a heartfelt corridos narrative.

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