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Meaning of ‘Still Trappin” by ‘Lil Durk’ feat. King Von

Released: 2020 • Features: King Von

“Still Trappin’” is a raw cut off Lil Durk’s album “The Voice” that features the late King Von. This track offers an unfiltered glare into the pair’s reality, depicting the harsh streets of Chicago and the hustler’s mindset needed to navigate them. Their ‘trapper’ status is emphasized, representing their deep connection to the street life and their commitment to a grind that never stops, even amidst the chaos and life-threatening perils of their environment.

Starting off, King Von sets the scene in grim detail. He mentions, “This ain’t OG, this shit smokin’“. Here, he’s talking about a potent strain of weed, pointing out that what they’re smoking isn’t your average joint, but high-grade stuff, potent enough to have you choking. Further, he mentions, “got Tooka killed“. The name ‘Tooka’ commonly refers to a rival gang member who was killed, becoming a symbol of the cycle of retribution and violence that’s spawned out of this gang lifestyle.

Von then criticizes those who falsely claim to have committed acts they haven’t. “Niggas chasin’ clout and claimin’ bodies they ain’t do for real“, he accuses, stressing that there’s an unsettling trend of people attempting to gain reputation or ‘clout’ by claiming they’ve done things they haven’t, particularly when it comes to acts of violence.

The chorus and the subsequent verses reiterate these points, shedding light on the struggles they face daily – from fighting court cases while still performing on stage, going through drug withdrawals, to dealing with deceit and betrayal in their circle. “Hit a bitch, just ho his ass / Bro slide with a COVID mask / Last opp, he overgassed“, Von and Durk provide a street-savvy take on the chaotic year 2020. These lines depict how they’re maintaining their street operations, even using COVID masks for anonymity, despite the pandemic.

Ultimately, “Still Trappin'” tells a tale of two rappers still deeply connected to their roots, navigating a world filled with violence, deceit, and hardship. Even with fame and success, they remain anchored to the streets, the realities and trials of their past and present continuing to heavily influence their music. And, while they celebrate their accomplishments, there is also a deep critique of the dangerous lifestyle they lead, providing listeners with an insight into the gritty world that has shaped them into the artists they are today.

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