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Meaning of ‘Summer Rain’ by ‘Majid Jordan’

Released: 2021

“Summer Rain” by Majid Jordan is a vibey, romantic track that captures the searing heat of a summer love affair, where emotional intensity flares up like a fire at night and cools down like a refreshing summer rain. The song pulses with longing, desire, and the electrifying thrill of an unpredictable romance.

In the opening lines, Majid sets the stage with vivid imagery – a fire at night, the blue of the impending dawn, an SOS reaching out into the darkness. The lyrics grapple with the uncertainty of a new relationship, offset by the irresistible pull of attraction. The line “I can’t resist when you’re looking at me, I’m gone” underscores this heady feeling of being completely swept away.

The chorus hits with the refrain “Lost in the heatwave, but you came, you came like the summer rain”. Here, the summer heatwave symbolizes the intensity and passion of their love, while the summer rain represents relief, a moment of respite within their fiery relationship. It’s a powerful juxtaposition that captures the push-pull dynamic of their romance.

Phrases like “Love on the run”, “we don’t really know where we’re going”, and “I’ll take the ride with you, wherever you want me to”, further emphasize the spontaneous, adventurous nature of their relationship — it’s undefined, unchartered, but exhilarating nonetheless.

The phrase “I can’t fight the feeling, feeling, Look what you do to me” encapsulates the song’s overarching sentiment — a surrender to this overwhelming feeling of love. The repetition of the word “feeling” amplifies the song’s emotional intensity, underlying the singer’s inability to resist this powerful connection.

Majid Jordan’s “Summer Rain” is a poetic ode to summer love — as unpredictable as a heatwave, as refreshing as a summer rain, stirring emotions and painting them in vivid hues of blues and golds.

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