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Meaning of ‘Super Hero’ by ‘Kool Keith’ feat. MF DOOM, L’Orange

Released: 2016

“Super Hero” by Kool Keith, featuring MF DOOM and L’Orange, is a vibrant exhibition of imaginative wordplay, presenting an eccentric, comic-book-inspired universe where hip-hop and superheroes coexist. The song distinctly revolves around playful yet bold metaphors of superhero personas, symbolizing their own prowess and significance in the hip-hop landscape.

In the opening verse, Kool Keith introduces himself as Viktor, presumably a nod to Victor Vaughn, an alias of MF DOOM. The vivid imagery of “Spiderman saw Doctor Oct spittin’ on top of a New York City bus” paints a picture of a landscape where classic comic book characters infiltrate the fabric of everyday life. Keith portrays himself as a nonconformist, defying societal expectations by resisting material extravagance, suggested by the line “It’d be wrong to the universe if I drive with a monster green Lamborghini up.” He’s asserting himself as a hip-hop artist who prioritizes creativity and freedom over wealth and status.

MF DOOM’s verse is punctuated with subtle references to his persona. Touting himself in “the sick captain’s pilot suit,” a probable nod to his comic book-style villain persona, MF DOOM emphasizes his unique, iconic style that sets him apart in the hip-hop industry. The entire verse could be viewed as an acknowledgment of MF DOOM’s eccentric style and unconventional approach to rap. He operates in his own realm, disregarding societal norms and prioritizing his artistic vision.

The repetitive chorus, “It’s superhero vision, sonic listen,” reiterates the song’s theme of seeing the world through a lens of audacity, creativity, and imagination, all embodied in the persona of a superhero. Just as superheroes transcend the mundane, the artists see themselves as being audacious and distinctive in the often repetitive hip-hop world.

Overall, “Super Hero” can be viewed as a meta-commentary on the artists’ positioning within the hip-hop industry. Their superhero personas exemplify their audacity to defy norms, symbolize their distinctiveness, and underline their status as potent forces within the industry that, much like superheroes, are capable of extraordinary feats. The song is a playful yet daring affirmation of their identities as artists who navigate the world of hip-hop with unwavering originality and audacious creativity.

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