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Meaning of ‘Swear to God’ by ‘Tee Grizzley’ feat. Future

Released: 2024

“Swear to God” is a straight-up anthem of self-affirmation and raw hustle, a testament to Tee Grizzley and Future’s resilience in the face of adversity. In a nutshell, this track lays bare the gritty reality of life in the streets, and the prosperity that can come from perseverance.

Right off the bat, “Fuck your album, shit ain’t slappin’ like my mixtape” asserts Tee Grizzley’s confidence in his own work compared to others’. Mixtape in hip hop refers to a musician’s self-produced and independently released music. He’s earning “Saudi Arabia money,” a colloquial way of saying making a lot of money, likely from “servin’ oil-based,” slang for dealing drugs.

We see notable references to iconic hip-hop figure 2Pac, and Suge Knight’s Death Row Records. When Grizzley mentions parking a Ferrari in the trenches like 2Pac, it symbolizes succeeding despite coming from a tough neighborhood. Similarly, buying a Patek, an expensive watch, for his girl speaks to his financial success.

Amidst the bragging, there’s a statement about the mental toll of life in the streets. “All this shit I seen, got too much trauma, I need therapy” – a candid admission of the need for help in dealing with life’s darker elements.

Grizzley and Future don’t shy away from glorifying their tough disposition with lines like “We move like the mob”, and the grim reality of their past with “Street nigga from the trenches, swear to God, I made millions”. This track is a chronicle of their rise from infamous origins to hip-hop stardom.

On one hand, “Swear to God” is a capsule of success and the expensive lifestyle that comes with it. On the other, it serves as a grim reminder of the trials and tribulations that both Tee Grizzley and Future have faced, coupling the glitz and glamour with flashes of street life and hardships. By adopting this dual narrative, they add depth and authenticity to their music.

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