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Meaning of ‘Tap Out’ by ‘Jay Rock’ feat. Jeremih

Released: 2018 • Features: Jeremih

“Tap Out” by Jay Rock featuring Jeremih is a masterful blend of hard-knock street vibes and smooth R&B elements, painting a picture of a late-night rendezvous steeped in luxury, lust, and hedonism. The artists take turns delivering a message of unwavering confidence and flair, all while capturing a cinematic night filled with intoxicating substances, sexual encounters, and the allure of a fast life.

Roll into the first verse, Jay Rock is on his redemption life, living lit. This conveys an image of indulgence—living large, face down, ass up—that ain’t no yoga position, fam, it’s about being in the thick of a wild party or suggestive sexual activities. His reference to backdrops and smoking on the bombest weed is all about setting a vibe while flaunting his high-quality cannabis.

The chorus, handled by Jeremih, is a playful piece of sensuality, a la “bottle straight to the head and I’m going ’til I tap out.” This ain’t your average game of peekaboo, it’s more about the sexual stamina and the willingness to go at it until exhaustion—yup, Jeremih ain’t holding back.

On to the second verse, we see Jay Rock flexing his status and wealth, including “big flex where I’m at.” He’s rolling and bouncing on the highway, a metaphor for exhilarating escapades. The “Dead mans in the safe” implies stash of money so high they ain’t moving, while “Sip some, blow an 8th with you,” is an invitation for shared indulgence in liquor and weed. When he rhymes about sex in the car and the callback, it reminds listeners that despite his fame, he’s not above giving into raw, primal instincts.

In the final verse, Jay Rock goes further into the thrill of the night, the search for a new woman on Instagram, and the power of sexual appeal. The reference to Bernice Burgos, a popular Instagram model, is a shout-out to a quintessential symbol of beauty and desire in this digital age. His phrase “Zodiac, girl, what’s your zodiac?” is a casual ice-breaker, but also indicate his interest in astrology or possibly a deeper personal compatibility. His fluid adoption of different signs could symbolize his ability to adapt and connect on different levels.

Ultimately, “Tap Out” is a song that invites listeners into the fast-paced world of Jay Rock and Jeremih, where late nights are filled with sexual encounters, indulgence, and an exhilarating sense of living on the edge. Both convey a clear message: they’re here to enjoy the good life, and they’ve got the smooth lyrical flows to prove it.

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