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Meaning of ‘Taste’ by ‘Tyga’ feat. Offset

Released: 2019

“Taste” by Tyga featuring Offset is all about flaunting wealth, style, and the good life. They’re boasting about their success, how they live lavishly, and reminding everyone that they are on top of the game. The song’s recurring theme is about giving people a “taste” of their extravagant lifestyle.Tyga starts off by saying he’s moving slick in the “pimp game” with his “pinky ring,” showing off his bling and high status. He derides others for making “false claims” about their wealth. The line “straight to the whip, no baggage claim” highlights his efficiency and direct access to luxury.He continues by boasting about his diverse styles and criticizes others for lacking the same, as seen on his Instagram. When he talks about being the “middleman,” he means he’s at the center of attention but doesn’t overdo it. His “rain dance” metaphorically connects to making money flow like rain.

Next, Tyga’s lyrics touch on his black attire, comparing it to “gangland,” and follows with a threat: “Say the wrong word, you be hangman.” He continues by boasting about how he sticks to women “like a spray tan,” and how everyone in the city knows his name without him having to say it.The chorus “Taste, taste, she can get a taste” emphasizes that anyone can get a glimpse of his lavish life, and the “Mary-Kate” reference signifies how common and widespread his lifestyle has become. He boasts again about how unique he is, comparing himself to others who aren’t like him.In the next verse, Tyga continues his bragging, likening himself to Nike when he says people should check themselves. He mentions his expensive chains and “feeling like Gucci with the ice cream.” He compares his popularity with women to Justin Bieber’s effect on fans (black JB).Offset jumps in with his verse, keeping the same energy. He talks about putting “drip on the plate” and how others try to imitate him. “Maybach with the drac’” refers to riding slow in a luxury car, armed with Draco rifles, showing off wealth and protection.Then Offset continues with metaphors like comparing diamond quality and referring to being on another level (“on Mars”). He mentions staying prepared with firearm metaphors (“shotgun shells”), and not associating with people who talk behind backs. He praises a woman for her abilities and compares her skills to jewelry.The final chorus reinforces the message that everyone worldwide can get a “taste” of their lifestyle, making it a universal anthem for living large. The repetition emphasizes the widespread appeal and influence they command. Overall, “Taste” is a celebration of wealth, style, and lavish living, dripping with confidence and swagger. Tyga and Offset leave no doubt that they are living the high life and letting everyone get a taste of it.

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