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Meaning of the song ‘How High?’ by ‘Ice Spice’

Released: 2023

Ice Spice’s “How High?” hints at a clever lyrical exploration of personal relationships, power dynamics, and triumph over adversity. The song’s narrative portrays a tumultuous past relationship, contrasted with a resounding self-affirmation of her personality and accomplishments.

In the opening lines, “I’m a baddie, but I got feelings too”, we’re introduced to Ice Spice – a fierce individual who isn’t afraid to acknowledge her vulnerability. The succeeding lines depict a past relationship with a male figure, who doesn’t entirely comprehend Ice Spice’s inner turmoil. “You was cryin’ out for help, I promise, I never knew”, unveils layers of emotional complexity, hinting at perhaps a fundamental lack of understanding and empathy from her partner.

Ice Spice brings in notions of aspiration and ambition with “Climbin’ up the ranks on your own could get rocky”, suggesting her journey in the music industry hasn’t been straightforward; and yet, her resolve remains unimpaired. This sentiment is echoed in the lines “But I keep it pushin’ knowin’ that they’ll never stop me”.

The chorus stands out in this saga of love, ambition, and resilience. When she says, “If I tell him, jump, he gon’ ask me, ‘How high?'”, she’s asserting her decision-making power within the relationship, implying the unquestioning loyalty of her partner. However, with “And I know his fears, but he never met mine”, she expresses a profound disconnect in their emotional understanding.

The next verses delve further into her past struggles, hinting at financial troubles when she wanted Givenchy but couldn’t afford it. Yet, her aptly chosen phrase, “So then, I linked up with RIOT, but first, we prayed to the Highest”, highlights her faith in a greater power and her hustle, eventually leading to her ascension as the “princess” of the scene.

The final verses hold a triumphant tone, boasting of her resilience and her strength, as she outdoes her rivals and prevails over adversities. Lines such as “Let me put you on to how a bad bitch think And it’s all tens when my bad bitch link” demonstrate her fierce independence and defiance of societal norms, marking her as a force to be reckoned with.

With “How High?”, Ice Spice uses her lyrical prowess to paint a vivid picture of personal growth, resilience, and the quest for power and self-assertion within the confines of personal relationships and the wider music industry.

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