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Meaning of ‘The Matrimony’ by ‘Wale’ feat. USHER

Released: 2015

“The Matrimony” by Wale is a vulnerable and honest exploration of fears and hesitations around commitment and marriage, while pledging unwavering love, battling insecurities, and the struggles for success in the music industry. The song confronts the complexities of a serious relationship in the context of fame, each verse providing a raw confession of Wale’s anxieties and infidelities.

The chorus, driven by Usher’s smooth vocals, affirms the constant and unyielding love Wale has for his partner, promising he’s making plans for their future despite the tumultuous rollercoaster they are on. The repetition of “making plans” becomes a solemn vow – a testament to Wale’s commitment.

In the first verse, Wale grapples with the fear of settling down, admitting he’s “in my late 20s, still never been to a wedding”. Here, he’s transparent about his selfishness, his temptation by other women, and his fear of losing his partner. The phrase “‘Cause I’m selfish, and I need you to myself” perfectly captures his internal conflict between a desire for a monogamous relationship and the allure of the success and women that come along with his hip-hop lifestyle.

The second verse delves deeper into his insecurities and the impact of a previous loss, presumably a miscarriage – “‘Cause when we lost our baby, I got shady, shit got too dark”. This paints a vivid picture of Wale’s struggle with guilt and grief, further complicating his readiness for marriage. He also shares his fear of love – (“The idea of me finding love, would run somebody off”), showing the complexity of his emotional state.

Throughout the track, the discourse oscillates between promise and apology, painting a complicated picture of modern love entwined with fame, ambition, and personal growth. The analogy of planets moving around one another, used in the bridge, perfectly encapsulates the theme of the song – two entities drawn together, finding the right time to collide into a profound union, a marriage.

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