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Meaning of the song ‘2009’ by ‘Mac Miller’

Released: 2018

Stepping up to the mic, Mac Miller laid down a contemplative track entitled “2009” that invites listeners into a nostalgic moment of personal growth. The song traverses Miller’s hip-hop journey, reflecting on the struggles he overcame and the peace he has found. It’s a poignant testimony of self-discovery and self-awareness, laced with a tranquil acceptance of life’s battles, its victories, and inevitable heartbreaks.

The hook of this joint is a recurrent reminder of Mac’s refusal to shroud his reality under lies: “I don’t need to lie no more / Nowadays all I do is shine, take a breath and ease my mind.” Here, Mac acknowledges his growth – he is past the point of bearing false fronts and is focused now on elevating his life and achieving internal peace.

His use of the phrase “She don’t cry no more / She tell me that I get her high” can be seen as a metaphorical representation of his music. His fans — represented by the “she” — draw strength and solace from his artistry, finding a cathartic release that lifts them above their daily struggles. The promise that “an angel’s s’posed to fly” cements this themes of elevation and salvation.

Mac Miller 2009

Mac’s verse “I ain’t asking ‘

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