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Meaning of the song ‘Already’ by ‘Kodak Black’

Released: 2015

“Already” by Kodak Black is a gritty, straightforward narrative of street life, with the artist emphasizing his humble beginning and realistic desire over ostentatious displays of wealth and luxury. Kodak communicates his dedication to his hustle and his indifference to the superficiality often promoted in hip-hop culture. The song presents an unvarnished picture of the rapper’s life and values, with a focus on financial gain over romantic or sexual relationships.

The hook of the song sets the tone right away, with Kodak expressing his priorities clearly. When he says, “I don’t want the wap, baby, I just want the fetty,” he’s essentially stating that he’s more interested in making money (fetty) than pursuing women (‘wap’ is slang for a particular part of the female anatomy). He also subtly rejects high-fashion norms in hip-hop by preferring Polo to the more expensive brand Perry Ellis. Further, he prefers a Chevy, seen as a more humble, down-to-earth vehicle, over the luxury of a Ferrari (‘Rari).

His indifference to hedonism continues, stating “I don’t want no head, lately I’ve been getting becky” – here ‘becky’ is a slang term for oral sex – implying he’s not focused on sexual gratification but rather, as he reaffirms, wants ‘the bread’ (money). He tells a woman who approaches him at the bar to act like she never met him, underlining his disinterest in romantic or casual hook-ups.

Kodak’s verses offer glimpses of his street-savvy mindset and the struggles in his journey to success. When he mentions “breaking down the elpo”, it refers to his involvement with drugs, a setback that many face in the neighborhoods like the one he hails from. He shows disdain for fake personalities and insincere intentions (“Keep that shit 1K, I can’t be fuckin wit a zero”) and states proudly that he cannot be a ‘neighborhood hero’ who would ‘save a hoe,’ further underscoring his no-nonsense approach to life.

Lastly, his line “I don’t need no record deal but you gon’ hear my record still” speaks volumes about his confidence in his craft and his belief in his ability to have a successful music career, independent of traditional routes. This song is Kodak showing us that he’s not caught up in the inflated ideals of success; he’s simply a product of his environment, trying to make the best of his circumstances.

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