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Meaning of the song ‘Big Ole Freak’ by ‘Megan Thee Stallion’

Released: 2018

“Big Ole Freak” by Megan Thee Stallion is an unapologetic, empowering anthem all about embracing your inner freak, operating on your own terms, and demanding what you want from your sexual relationships. The song is filled to the brim with boldly confrontational and raunchy lines, all aimed at subverting the typical dynamics in relationships and asserting female dominance.

In her opening lyrics, Megan sets the tone with “Ayy, big ole freak, huh / Big booty, big ole treat / I’ma make him wait for the pussy / Hit it ’til he big ole skeet, ayy.” Here, Megan establishes herself as a woman in control of her own desires, one who sets the pace in the bedroom. ‘Big ole freak’ typically refers to someone unusually sexual. The term ‘skeet’ is slang for ejaculation, suggesting she can arouse her man to an intense climax.

Throughout the lyrics, Megan utilizes evocative sexual imagery in lines like “I wanna fuck in the mirror / I like to look at your face when you in it / Come in the room and I’m giving commands / I am the captain and he the lieutenant.” Here, she continues to assert her dominance and control, positioning herself as the ‘captain’ in charge of her sexual encounters, emphasizing her power and autonomy.

The line “He hit my phone with a horse / So I know that mean come over and ride it” refers to an emoji code – in this case, the horse emoji is a request for sex. Megan humorously plays with this slang, openly stating her readiness to accept the invitation.

In the chorus, Megan sings, “Ain’t nobody freak like me, huh / Give ya’ what you need like me, huh. / Ain’t nobody got on they tip-tip toes / Then rode to the tip like me.” These lines reiterate her sexual prowess and uniquely talented skills in the bedroom, confidently asserting that no one can satisfy her partner the way she does.

However, it’s not all about sexuality – Megan also highlights the emotional aspects of her relationships. In the line, “They don’t understand that I’m all in his head / And it’s nothing to do with my body”, she hints that her relationship with this man isn’t solely physical, but also mental and emotional, stressing the significance of intellectual connection.

“Big Ole Freak” is Megan Thee Stallion’s declaration of sexual empowerment, a song that oozes self-assured confidence and dominance. The track is a masterful mix of explicit sexual innuendos and bold affirmations of female sexual autonomy that showcase Megan’s playful charm and unwavering command.

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