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Meaning of the song ‘Blue Notes’ by ‘Meek Mill’

Released: 2016

“Blue Notes” by Meek Mill is a gritty and introspective piece that delves into the artist’s experiences with street life, ambition, betrayal, and personal struggles. The track paints a vivid picture of Mill’s growth from his humble beginnings to his current status, while also discussing the consequences of the actions he took to get there.

In the opening verse, Meek recounts his past, acknowledging it was the harsh conditions that turned him to a life of crime. “Was it the money that made me a savage? Poppin’ them Percs and I made it a habit Totin’ them pistols and serving them addicts.” He’s saying here that the allure of money and power drove him to become ruthless, partake in drug use, and participate in illegal activities. This life was thrilling for him – it gave him a sense of purpose and made him feel important.

As he continues, Meek Mill declares his rise to prominence. He brags about his success, saying that his life now is filled with wealth, power, and respect. “Niggas ain’t flyer than me, I’m getting to it. Feel like the man, I got the plan. I call the shooters, they hop out the van.” Here, he’s essentially expressing his dominance in his space and his power to command respect and obedience.

After this, Meek Mill brings up the reality of his journey. There’s a sense of regret and a call for self-accountability. He observes that the life he chose has made him alienated, with people only attaching themselves to him due to the success he has attained. This is seen in the lyrics, “All of sudden niggas wanna come around.” The bitterness here is palpable.

Then the second verse kicks in, and the tone turns darker. This stanza speaks to the reality of the street life — betrayal, violence, and the haunting possibility of death or prison. “It’s only a matter of time before niggas get lined And hit with them slugs Get found in a pool of your blood.” Here, Meek delivers a sobering reminder of the dire consequences that often accompany a criminal lifestyle.

Before the song ends, Meek discusses his fatigue of these realities— the lifestyle that he’s living, the uncertainty of each day, and the thought of his friends suffering the same. “Sick and tired of sending niggas mail. Calling niggas just to get a bail. I just seen a nigga get a L. Never coming home and a minute on the phone.”

The overall message behind “Blue Notes” is a complex blend of bragging about one’s accomplishments, recognizing repercussions of past actions, and longing for change. It’s a narrative that portrays both the allure and the harsh realities of street life, serving as both a warning and a reflection for those listening.

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