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Meaning of the song ‘Cognac Queen’ by ‘Megan Thee Stallion’

Released: 2018

Megan Thee Stallion’s “Cognac Queen” is an audacious proclamation of self-confidence, power and unapologetic sexuality, all wrapped up in a flow that sizzles with fiery bravado. The Houston rapper embroiders the intoxicating nature of her allure with bold references to ‘gnac, popularly known as cognac, a symbol of luxury and refinement in hip-hop culture.

In the opening lines, the Hot Girl Coach brazenly asserts, “I’m in my act, I wanna dance. I’m on that ‘gnac, I wanna dance.” Here, ‘gnac refers to cognac, a popular high-end spirit often associated with sophistication and elegance in hip-hop culture. Her confidence is infectious as she entices men with her allure, warning their girlfriends to “come get your man,” foreshadowing how irresistible she is.

Megan revels in her status as she imagines waking up “paid and pretty” with her lover clinging back to back on her. The “new outfit” and “Cognac queen” declarations are a testament to her glamorous lifestyle. She drops a shout out to “Henn’ dawg,” street slang for Hennessy, another favored cognac brand in the hip-hop community. Megan’s life is full of indulgence, whether it’s pulling up with a shorty or making it clap and recording it.

The verse, “He call me, ‘Megan Thee Mack,’ It’s turning him on how I rap, He doggin’ it out, make it fat,” highlights her craft’s seductive power and the effect it has on men. Making use of her rap prowess, Megan further solidifies her dominance, assuring that she’s the best, and she already knows it.

“Cognac Queen,” as the chorus reasserts, is a refrain focusing on Megan’s audacious control over her destiny and her relationships. The lyrics “Fuck is you saying? The fuck do you mean? I get on that ‘gnac, then I lean,” further underscores her unabashed personality and the nonchalance towards any negativity hurled at her.

As the song progresses, Megan masterfully weaves a narrative showing that she does not shy away from her wants and desires. Her candidness about wanting to “come over, put it on him” is a bold assertion of her sexual autonomy. She possesses the ‘na-na’ or ‘grip’ that hooks men, and she’s not afraid to show it.

In the final verse, Megan plays with her love interest’s emotions one minute and then dismisses him the next, creating a tantalizing but dangerous love cycle. The danger lies in her intoxicating essence, her “cognac kisses” that make him crazy and beg for more, once again showing her command in her relationships.

Overall, “Cognac Queen” is an anthem of assertive femininity and unabashed sexuality, with Megan Thee Stallion using her lyrics to twist traditional power dynamics, all while celebrating her success, lavish lifestyle, and the intoxicating effect she has on men.

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