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Meaning of the song ‘Depression & Obsession’ by ‘XXXTENTACION’

Released: 2017

XXXTENTACION’s track “Depression & Obsession” is a raw, introspective dive into the tumultuous landscape of mental health and the juxtaposition of depression and obsession. The entire song seems to serve as a musical reflection of X’s struggle with these powerful emotions, particularly how they intersect and compound within a turbulent relationship.

Opening with a repetitive “Na, na, na,” X lays down a seemingly innocuous nursery rhyme-like beat. But don’t get it twisted, this ain’t preschool. These simple syllables set the stage for a painful journey through X’s psyche. This nursery rhyme-like repetition symbolizes a cry for simplicity and innocence amidst the turmoil of an adult world filled with complicated emotions.

When X spits, “Depression and obsession don’t mix well,” he’s dropping a raw truth bomb about the dangers of unhealthy emotional states. Depression, a mental health condition characterized by intense feelings of sadness and disinterest, can often be exacerbated when coupled with obsession, a state of being consumed by a single thought or idea.

The line, “I’m poisoned and my body don’t feel well” is X speaking on the physical manifestations of these mental disturbances. His emotional pain is so intense, it’s like he’s been poisoned, spreading through his body and causing physical distress.

When X spits, “I ate her, inside and out, I feel my stomach turnin'”, he ain’t talking about a meal. This line is a metaphor for consuming someone emotionally, taking in their entirety, and the ensuing discomfort that can bring. The “Make out hill, where we met we let our lips do all the talkin'” line, is a reference to a place where X and his love interest would meet, symbolizing happier times before depression and obsession took hold.

The phrase, “Hollywood motels, hell, I think I’m just obsessed with you” introduces an interesting play on words. “Hollywood motels” could be a metaphor for transient relationships, the kind often found in a place famous for fleeting fame and fortune, while the “hell” is a clear expression of the torment X feels from his obsession.

XXXTENTACION unapologetically held a mirror up to his mental state with this track, amplifying the often hushed conversation around mental health in an industry marked by bravado. “Depression & Obsession” is a stark portrayal of what happens when the human psyche becomes a battlefield, a testament to X’s transparency and emotional vulnerability.

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