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Meaning of the song ‘Did It Again’ by ‘Lil Tecca’

Released: 2019

“Did It Again” by Lil Tecca is an audacious and vibrant banger that dives into the young rapper’s lifestyle. Tecca displays his rise to stardom and the rewards that come with it – wealth, women, and prestige — while also throwing shade to his haters and competitors, constantly reiterating his winning streak.

Lil Tecca opens with a quintessential flex, singing about his success in both music and love: “I got a pack, hit ’em and do it again / Fuckin’ her, I’m fuckin’ her friend.” He’s talking about both his ability to sell records (packs) and his success with women, showing no remorse for crossing boundaries — a common braggadocio in hip-hop culture. Furthermore, “I got bands, one day I’m flying to France” is another showcase of his new-found fortune, the ability to travel, and live a luxurious lifestyle.

Asserting his dominance, Tecca comments on how he treats his rivals: “You got a man, know what I do to your mans?” He doesn’t want to fight fair (“No, I ain’t shootin’ the hands”), but he’ll take the win through cunning and strategy. And even when he occasionally slips (“took an L, I ain’t took one again”), he bounces back fast, akin to ditching a crashed Ferrari for a Benz.

Lil Tecca perceives the envy and scrutiny from others, remarking “it’s crazy how they watch a young nigga gon’ move.” He encourages them to focus on their moves instead of his, warning that their preoccupation with his success will be their downfall.

Finally, Tecca demonstrates his appreciation of his success: “Flyin’ my mom to Japan, flyin’ my dad to Japan.” He’s proud to give back to his family, pay homage to his support system — a testament of his gratitude and maturity. The second verse is a seamless continuation of Tecca’s flex, asserting his invincibility, showing off his designer clothes, and boasting about his ability to charge high prices for features.

In sum, “Did It Again” is Lil Tecca’s unabashed vow of victory and unapologetic celebration of his success, emphasizing that he’s in the game to win and will continue to ascend while his haters and competitors watch from the sidelines.

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