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Meaning of the song ‘Dollaz + Sense’ by ‘DJ Quik’

Released: 1995

“Dollaz + Sense” by DJ Quik is a down-and-dirty representation of hip-hop’s battle culture, with pungent disses and vivid stories of street life in Compton. The song is lyrically aggressive, reflecting Quik’s contempt for his adversaries and his unyielding sense of personal pride.

The first verse throws digs at MC Eiht, a rival emcee from Compton. Quik feels disrespected and dishes out payback, stating Eiht can’t compete with him because he doesn’t get respect in his own set – a term for a subgroup within a gang. Quik goes on to threaten Eiht, saying that when they cross paths, there will be a serious confrontation.

The hook is all about the practicalities of street life. “If it don’t make dollars, it don’t make sense” is an old saying in the game, emphasizing the necessity of focusing on profitable ventures over pointless beefs or ego clashes.

In the second verse, Quik continues to boast about his success, justifying his ruthlessness because it’s beneficial to his business. He also accuses Eiht of being a fake gang member and claims the latter is envious of his success. Quik then delivers a humiliating bar, claiming Eiht tried to discredit his talent but ended up “walkin’ round with my nuts in his pocket,” a colorful way of saying Eiht is subordinated to him.

The final verse is arguably the most confrontational. After a few more jabs at Eiht’s credibility, Quik recalls a time he ambushed Eiht at a stoplight with a group of gunmen. Even though the story doesn’t end in violence, Quik uses it to exemplify the real dangers of gang life and criticize his rival’s naivety.

Quik finishes with shout-outs to his crew and associates, emphasizing the theme of unity and strength in numbers. It’s a tough end to a tough track. In “Dollaz + Sense,” Quik artfully channels his animosity into a comprehensive diss track, reasserting his stance in the pantheon of Compton’s rap royalty.

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