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Meaning of the song ‘Earned It’ by ‘The Weeknd’

Released: 2015

“Earned It” by The Weeknd from the “Fifty Shades Of Grey” soundtrack is a dedication to a woman that has truly “earned” his adoration and love. With recurring themes of unwavering loyalty and expressing admiration for his girl, The Weeknd emphasizes the unique and irreplaceable place she holds in his life.

The song kicks off with the repeating phrase “I’ma care for you, you, you, you,” making it clear from the jump that The Weeknd is committed to his love interest in a deep and genuine manner. Pairing this with the line “You make it look like it’s magic,” frames her as almost a supernatural entity in the way she has captured his heart and affection.

When he says, “Hey, hey, and I’m so used to being used,” The Weeknd is spitballing about his past relationships where he felt exploited. This is not just about romantic relationships but could also reflect on his experiences in the music industry where artists often feel used for their talent.

The chorus lines, “‘Cause girl, you’re perfect, You’re always worth it, And you deserve it,” reiterate The Weeknd’s appreciation for this woman. The way she carries herself and “works it” gets his undivided attention. She “earned it” means she’s shown consistency and authenticity that makes her deserving of his adoration.

While “You know our love would be tragic,” might seem like a dark spin, it encapsulates The Weeknd’s signature sound and melancholic lyrical style. Here, he acknowledges the potential troubles they may face in their love affair, but simultaneously he urges her to pay it “no mind,” acknowledging the rawness and honesty of their relationship.

The verse, “On that lonely night, Said it wouldn’t be love, But we felt the rush,” is an explicit call back to an intimate encounter between them. Despite trying to deny their feelings, the connection they had was overpowering, making them believe it was only about them. The Weeknd concludes that they felt “broken inside,” almost admitting that this deep connection came from a place of shared pain and vulnerability.

In summary, “Earned It” is a heartfelt tribute to a woman who has won The Weeknd’s respect and love. It’s all about admiration, affirmation, and the depth of emotion that he is unafraid to express through his poignant and personal lyrics.

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