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Meaning of the song ‘F*ck Up Some Commas’ by ‘Future’

Released: 2015

“F*ck Up Some Commas” by Future dives headfirst into the high-octane world of extravagant spending, 24/7 hustle, and a gritty lifestyle powered by glorious success and chilling street smarts. Bristling with braggadocio, the track serves as an audacious manifesto of Future’s wealth, earned from his relentless grind in the rap game.

When Future spits, “Fake nigga lie to a real nigga/That’s just some shit that you don’t do/I’ma stay right for my real niggas,” he’s expressing his loyalty to authenticity. The ‘real niggas’ represent people who stay genuine, showcasing their true selves and actions, as opposed to those who are ‘fake’ or putting up a façade.

As for the hook, “Let’s fuck up some commas,” Future is talking about spending incredible amounts of money, so much so that it ‘fucks up’, or disrupts, the commas in his bank account. The commas representing thousands, hundreds of thousands, and millions indicate the degree of wealth he’s willing to throw around, showing that he’s truly living the high life.

“40 thou’ to a hundred thou’…A million, let’s have a money shower,” is another vivid image of Future’s opulence. The rapper is not just spending money; he’s swimming in it, showering in its abundance, with the incrementally increasing amounts illustrating his rise to economic success.

When Future says, “smoke the first 48 hours/grind 22 and sleep two hours,” he gives us a glimpse of his relentless work ethic. His resolve to ‘grind,’ or, work hard for 22 hours, power-naps for a mere two, and spends the rest of the day smoking suggests that he has the fervor of a man determined to get ahead.

He gives blatant nods to his flashy lifestyle, like putting “24’s on the new Audi,” and casually saying, “White on white like baby powder,” referring to his white car and the illegal white substance that’s often associated with wealth in the rap game.

Future’s line, “double Cup like Tunechi, yeah,” is a shoutout to Lil Wayne (aka Tunechi), who is known for his penchant for ‘double cupping’—sipping lean, a mixture of promethazine syrup and soda, from two stacked cups.

Finally, when the Atlanta rapper says, “Fit it, critic, get it, hit it, run it, drill it, wet it, I’m in it, really”, he assertively dismisses critics, pointing out that he’s deeply enmeshed in this lifestyle and isn’t about to change. He’s unequivocally living the life he raps about, a raw testament to his authenticity.

So, all in all, “F*ck Up Some Commas” is a vibrant, unapologetic celebration of Future’s success, wealth, and hardcore work ethic—it’s a hardcore ode to the lavish life. And it’s kinda hard not to get caught up in the whirlwind, right?

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