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Meaning of the song ‘Flood The Block’ by ‘Benny The Butcher’

Released: 2021

“Flood the Block” by Benny The Butcher is a distinct narrative of survival and success from the gritty underbelly of the streets to the infrared limelight of the hip-hop stage. The track delves into both the triumphs and betrayals that Benny has experienced in his journey, as well as his relentless hustler mentality that brazenly challenges adversity while fiercely clinging to authenticity.

The opening verse sets the stage with Benny candidly narrating his rise from the corner store to owning businesses, showcasing his transformation from street hustler to a successful entrepreneur. When he spits, “Talked it out when I could’ve paid killers to finish it/ Grave diggers that’s generous,” he’s articulating his decision to handle conflict diplomatically, despite having the resources to resort to violence. Moreover, he’s formulating his experiences in the cocaine trade into potent, picture-painting lyrics rich in detail, as expressed in the line, “The word about my name is I paint them pictures meticulous.”

In the subsequent lines, “I hit the bottom, I was down to a stack/ I thought about it, took a moment, then rerouted my map/ And moved my family out of town, in a condo off rap,” Benny depicts his fall-and-rise narrative. Despite hitting rock bottom financially, he regroups, re-strategizes, and eventually flourishes in his rap career, moving his family into a comfortable life away from the dangers of the hood.

Benny The Butcher Flood The Block

In the hook, “I flood the streets with drugs and clock dollars/ Get the cream with my team and I’m ghost,” Benny talks about his past life of street hustling, selling drugs, and making money. “Get the cream” borrows from the Wu-Tang Clan’s philosophy of ‘Cash Rules Everything Around Me.’ He then parlays this ethos into the reality of his current status as a hip-hop artist – he’s making money legitimately with his team and once that’s done, he’s out – emphasizing his focus on business.

The outro verse reveals Benny’s mentality to his craft and lifestyle, “And I’ma buy Versace since they bannin’ Gucci.” He’s unbothered by trends or societal norms, and would rather show off his success as he pleases. The final line, “Fiend cooked that half for a can of beer and a loosie,” provides a stark image of drug addiction, perhaps a reminder of the world he’s left behind and the harsh realities that fuel his ambition.

In sum, Benny The Butcher’s “Flood the Block” is a testament to the rapper’s perceptive storytelling, as he weaves his experiences from drug dealing and street life into a powerful narrative of resilience, ambition, and triumph. This is not just rap; it’s life painted in unfiltered, gritty tones.

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