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Meaning of the song ‘Floor 555’ by ‘XXXTENTACION’

Released: 2018

“Floor 555” by XXXTENTACION is a vivid manifestation of the late artist’s no-holds-barred perspective. Lyrically, it’s a testament to the rapper’s nihilism and resentment, coupled with his resilience and audacity, revealing his raw nerve and refusal to bite his tongue about his experiences and worldview.

The track opens with X posturing himself as a formidable adversary: “I put one in that chamber like you wanna face a god?”. This introduction encapsulates his fearlessness and fierce individuality. He’s equating himself to a deity while threatening his opponents with the readiness to pull the trigger. The chamber here refers to the part of a gun where bullets are held before they’re fired. X is setting a narrative tone that’s aggressive and defiant.

Next, he absorbs himself into the paradigm of “the outsider” by highlighting his unique persona that’s tough and indomitable yet alienated: “I’m a muhfuckin’ narcissist, trippin’, you catch a clip, bitch/… /I’m a muhfuckin’ Martian, in the heart of a moshpit.” These lines show X asserting his authority and position while flagging his narcissism and alienation, using the term ‘Martian’ metaphorically to indicate his perceived eccentricity or otherworldliness. Plus, the reference to mosh pits aligns with his punk-influenced style and crowd-riling performances.


The chorus “Fuck, boy don’t test me/Fuck, boy don’t test me” serves as a defiant warning to adversaries. The phrase ‘test me,’ used colloquially, signifies challenging or provoking someone. X is adamantly instructing his opponents not to challenge or cross him, signalling his readiness for confrontation.

“Bitch, I’m drillin’ your neighbor daughter at Best Buy” is an unabashed claim of sexual prowess, tying into X’s trademark raw, unfiltered lyrics. ‘Drillin’ in this context refers to a sexual act, while ‘Best Buy’ could suggest a casual or public setting.

Lines like “If I hit up your jack, then nigga, you best slide/If you totin’ that pistol, nigga, you best ride” further establish an atmosphere of menace. ‘Hit up your jack’ means to call someone’s phone, while ‘slide’ and ‘ride’, in this context, suggest promptly leaving or fleeing. He’s essentially warning those he calls to steer clear if they’re involved in any illicit activities.

“If you shoot that shit at me, nigga I best die/’Cause I’m a muhfuckin’ narcissist, trippin’, you catch a clip, bitch” – this is a striking admission of X’s self-perception. Here, he seems to indicate that death would be a justifiable outcome if anyone dared to challenge or harm him due to his self-professed narcissistic tendencies and potential for violence.

The repeated line “Pussy boy, don’t be talkin'” is a stern instruction aimed at his foes, urging them to cease their idle talk or empty threats. ‘Pussy’ is often used derogatorily in hip-hop, connoting weakness or fear, and ‘talking’ implies unnecessary banter or boasting.

Overall, “Floor 555” is a testament to XXXTENTACION’s combative, resilient persona as he navigated his contentious journey in the hip-hop landscape. It’s a daringly candid depiction of his fierce individuality, his refusal to conform, and a stark showcase of the raw grit that set him apart in the industry. This track encapsulates a time and place in his career – acting as a reminder of his audacious narrative style that continues to influence many of today’s emerging artists.

In the context of X’s career, “Floor 555” underscores his unapologetic, no-holds-barred approach that contributed to his meteoric rise and controversial persona. Despite the abrasive nature of his lyrics, X’s impact on hip-hop cannot be overlooked, as his raw emotion and bold thematic choices continue to reverberate through the genre.

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