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Meaning of the song ‘FML’ by ‘Kanye West’

Released: 2016

In his deeply personal track “FML“, Kanye West, featuring Kanye West (a witty phrasing that indicates he’s the only featured artist in his life), explores the struggles he faces in balancing his professional, personal, and mental health. There’s a raw honesty to his words as he contemplates a commitment to change for the sake of those he holds dear.

Opening with “I been waiting for a minute for my, lady“, Kanye alludes to his anticipation for a better life or a more stable mental state. He does not want to risk his progress by succumbing to distractions – the “hoes” represent temptations that could derail him. As he moves further into the song, his determination materializes; he expresses his willingness to sacrifice “women” as a distraction in order not to lose his hard-earned assets. This struggle underlines the conflict between public image and personal life, so prevalent in celebrity culture.

Kanye bares his soul in the refrain, “Revealing the layers to my soul”. He isn’t cryptic about the adversity he faces from those who wish him harm or failure – “They wish I would go ahead and fuck my life up“. He acknowledges his mistakes but insists that only he can judge himself – “Only I can mention me“. This is his firm grip on self-control in the face of judgement and adversity.

For Ye, “Lexapro” represents his struggle with mental health, referring to an antidepressant he was prescribed. He reflects on past turmoil, with “Remember that last time in Mexico“, further illustrating his turbulent emotional state, yet he remains defiant, declaring, “But you ain’t finna be raising your voice at me“.

The climactic chorus – “They don’t wanna see me love you” – may reference his relationship with his wife at the time. It shows Kanye’s hurt at public opinion wanting to see him fail, not only professionally and personally, but also in love.

Kanye West’s “FML” is ultimately a raw revelation of the struggles he endures in his pursuit of success, love, and mental wellness. It’s a prime example of his commitment to pouring his soul into his art, using his music as therapy and as a platform to shed light on mental health issues.

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