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Meaning of the song ‘Funkdafied’ by ‘Da Brat’

Released: 1994

“Funkdafied” by Da Brat is an anthem of `90s hip-hop with its essence rooted in the celebration of her identity and that distinctive funk influence on her musical style. Brimming with swagger and enigmatic wordplay, this track is an audacious journey through the lens of one of hip-hop’s seminal female voices.

The opening lines “Baptized in the funk/Yeah, so funkdafied” set the stage for what’s to come. Brat is essentially saying she’s been born and brought up in the funk genre, which heavily influenced hip-hop. This authentic introduction preludes how she’s going to ride the beat in her individual style, with her trademark “tat, tat, tat tat, on that ass.”

The lyrics “Open up, open up/And let the funk flow in/From this nigga name J and his new found friend,” introduce her collaborator and producer Jermaine Dupri, creating a powerful duo that reigned in the `90s hip-hop scene. The Eric she refers to in “I’m hittin’ switches like Eric on the solo creep,” is Eric Sermon, a pioneer of the funk-infused storytelling rap style. Here, Brat likens her lyrical dexterity to his.

When she spits, “Nigga that’s my click, nigga that’s who I rolls with/And we kicks nothing but the fat shit,” she’s cementing her place in So So Def — a leading hip-hop label at the time — revealing her loyalty and that they only produce quality, or “fat,” tracks.

Her sense of empowerment is undeniable when she says, “Puttin’ it down (puttin’ it down) ain’t no thang to me/And ain’t too many hoes that can hang with me.” Brat’s fearless confidence asserts her dominance, suggesting few can contend with her skills.

In the lyrics “I’m on a roll In Control like Janet, dammit/Brat, you’re the funk bandit and they can’t handle it”, she likens herself to another icon, Janet Jackson, a reference to her song “Control.” The term “funk bandit” suggests that she’s stealing the show with her unique style.

Like a graceful relay, she spits, “I pass the mic to the Brat/And yo I passed it back”. This repetitive line signifies her and Jermaine’s seamless partnership on the track, where they both shine individually and together.

The closing verse “There’s a new Tag Team in town/Nigga, whoomp, there it is,” solidifies their joint prowess, referencing the famous catchphrase from the `90s duo Tag Team, symbolizing their triumphant entry to the scene.

Overall, “Funkdafied” is a trip down the funkiest lanes of adventure and audacity, a testament to Da Brat’s immense talent and iconic status in the hip-hop scene. Her lyrics break conventional norms, asserting a powerful female voice in a genre dominated by males, thus creating a funkalistic soundscape that’s distinctly her own.

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