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Meaning of the song ‘Gettin Up’ by ‘Q-Tip’

Released: 2008

“Gettin Up” by Q-Tip is an uplifting anthem, illustrating the rapper’s deep yearning for a woman he’s lost but isn’t ready to let go. Embedded within the rich lyrical tapestry are profound themes of love, regret, aspiration, and resilience.

Opening with the recurring chorus, “Getting up,” Q-Tip sets the tone of resurgence, suggesting he’s determined to rise again, likely both in his personal life and relationship. The phrase also cleverly doubles as a call to action, urging listeners to get up and get moving.

The first verse is a reflection of past times. Q-Tip reminisces about the emails and messages they once shared, the breaks they took, and how their connection was deeper than materialism and superficial pleasures. The “rat race” Q-Tip mentions is a metaphor for the chaotic, competitive world. He urges his woman not to get swept up in that race and asserts that he stands out, a “pretty pearl” among scavengers.

Building on this, the chorus uses the act of getting up as a symbol of perseverance, rallying listeners to keep going irrespective of life’s challenges. The second verse paints a picture of domestic bliss with lines like “We can start a clan just like the Kennedys” and “You respect me like a friend/ But love me like your man”. This juxtaposes the fierce competition referenced in the “rat race” with the warmth and stability of home.

The reference to “Ruby Dee and Ossie, Martin and Coretta” in the final verse point to famous black couples who symbolize enduring love and mutual respect. The mention of these iconic pairings is Q-Tip’s way of expressing his desire for a similar long-lasting and meaningful bond.

Throughout the song, the phrase “Getting up” is reiterated like a mantra, providing a rhythmic backbone to the track while reinforcing its message of regeneration and resilience. Q-Tip’s narrative weaves through the bittersweet remembrance of past times, the hope for reconciliation, and the aspiration for a legendary love story.

Overall, “Gettin’ Up” is Q-Tip’s masterful exploration of love lost and the hopeful pursuit to rekindle it, all laid on top of an infectious hip-hop beat that stays true to the spirit of the genre.

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