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Meaning of the song ‘GO!’ by ‘Common’

Released: 2005

“GO!” by Common is a charged exploration of sensual desire, fleeting attraction, and the unpredictability of romantic relationships. It’s a raw, unfiltered account of the rapper’s experiences with a captivating woman, doused in allure and uncertainty, teetering between the whimsical world of fantasies and the harsh realities of emotional dependability.

In the first handful of verses, Common paints a vivid picture, describing his initial encounter with a woman at a club. He mentions, “(Go) she was a bad, uh/The type at the club niggas would grab her,” telling us she’s an attractive woman catching the attention of many. In the line, “In the bathroom sweatin’ with her ass up,” Common doesn’t shy away from painting a raw image of their intimate encounter. The connection intensifies as he notes their shared chemistry highlighted by her being a Cancer, offering an astrological aspect to their compatibility.

However, the fleetingness of their relationship is highlighted in the line “But forever move faster, so I had to (Go).” Forever, in this context, represents the initial illusion of a long-lasting relationship, which moves faster as the realities set in, leading him to move on, reiterated by the word “Go.”

The chorus, “(Go) go, go, go, go, go and on the count of three…Uh, on the count of three, everybody run back to your fantasy, now” encourages listeners to indulge in their fantasies on a three count, hinting at escapism from the harsh realities of romantic entanglements.

Moving further into the song, Common explores their relationship’s complexity: “Said there were some girls that did attract her/A new chapter she was after, so I said let’s (Go).” By introducing another layer to their relationship – the woman’s attraction to other girls – Common opens up a discussion about fluid sexuality while emphasizing an evolving dynamic in their relationship.

Common finishes with “Hot sex in the third degree/ Dirty words encourage me to/Rock steady and sturdily on.” Here, he speaks candidly about their sexual relationship’s intensity. The third degree implies an extraordinarily high level, while ‘dirty words’ suggest a sense of adventurousness and exploration in their relationship.

In essence, “GO!” by Common is an unflinching look into the realm of intense sexual encounters, drifting emotional expectations, and the multifaceted nature of love and attraction, told through the lens of a seasoned lyricist.

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