Released: 2024

Yo, when we talkin’ ’bout Megan Thee Stallion’s “HISS,” we unpackin’ a manifesto of self-confidence and clapback at the haters – real talk. Megan wastes no time lettin’ it be known she’s unbothered by gossip and that her name stay circulatin’, boosting her relevance every time the chattering classes chirp up. She speaks her piece like she’s droppin’ bars in a cipher that only real ones comprehend.

Verse one goes hard, Megan likenin’ herself to Mariah Carey, speakin’ on how her influence got folks so obsessed that it could be managed by Kris Jenner – a nod to the Kardashian empire’s knack for capitalizing off notoriety. Megan ain’t shy ’bout her sexuality, declaring her standards when it comes to her encounters and dissin’ those who later brag ’bout their conquests. She’s flippin’ the script on the value proposition, spittin’ that any buzz they generate off her name just adds to her stacks.

She then throws dusrespect at those who hide behind their screens talkin’ trash without the bravery to step to her face-to-face. The line about R. Kelly digs deep, aimin’ at hypocrites who judge her while they’ve supported an artist with a notorious past. “Bodies on bodies” speaks to the rumor mill, and Megan flips the tale by statin’ that while others claim intimate knowledge of her, she’s the one comin’ out on top, literally and figuratively.

She circles back to refutin’ the hate, with a nod to Megan’s Law, which is a play on her name but also refers to serious legal matters – though the real law has nothing to do with her personally, it demonstrates her wordplay while expressing frustration at the scrutiny she faces. Megan calls out the posers and the fame-chasers, statin’ that their attempt to beef with her is just a desperate grab for the spotlight.

In the bridge, she mocks the fraudulent nature of some in the industry, people with fake street creds who appropriate others’ lifestyles for clout. She emphasizes her authenticity, contrastin’ it with those who try to diminish her but end up makin’ her even more of a topic. Megan also criticizes those who capitalize off unproven rumors and innuendos, maintainin’ her stance as untouchable and affirming her status despite the noise.

The final verse finds Megan doubling down on her stance. She’s tired of her past bein’ dug up and makes a bold statement ’bout not wantin’ to associate with folks who don’t measure up to her standards. Megan is speakin’ directly to exes and would-be challengers, lettin’ them know that they could never match up and their attempts to smear her name are futile because she remains on top. She flexes on her detractors, assertin’ that no matter how much they may try to copy or compete with her, they’ll never be on her level.

Wrappin’ it up, she comments on her viral influence, questionin’ why her name keeps poppin’ up in conversations that she ain’t a part of. Megan’s final words are blunt: she’s not interested in the online noise and suggests that if detractors are that eager to reach out, they might as well be pen pals with inmates. It’s a statement track where Megan Thee Stallion reaffirms her dominance and unapologetically celebrates her authenticity while discarding any irrelevant chatter like yesterday’s news.