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Meaning of the song ‘If I Ruled The World’ by ‘Kurtis Blow’

Released: 1994

Starting off with “If I Ruled The World” by Kurtis Blow, this joint is nothin’ but an imaginative tour-de-force from the hip-hop pioneer. It’s a contemplation on power and aspirations, with Kurtis envisioning himself as the world leader, where his reign would be filled with love, peace, and prosperity. Now, let’s break it down, verse for verse, to get deeper into the profound layers Kurtis laced this classic with.

The first verse kicks off with Blow’s grand dream – ruling the world from Rome, then London, with his success drawing attention akin to a “stretch Limousine.” Here, Kurtis is using the limo as a symbol of prestige and visibility. His journey leads him to Washington, where he’d “claim the crown.” We’re talkin’ hip-hop royalty here, and Kurtis imagines being welcomed with mass adoration.

Transitioning to the chorus, “If I ruled the world, I’d love all the girls, I love ’em, love ’em, baby, Black diamonds and pearls.” Here, Blow is expressin’ a universal love for women, while ‘black diamonds and pearls’ represent beauty, strength, and resilience, common themes in the hip-hop ethos.

In the second verse, Kurtis outlines his first day as the world ruler. He’d be flooded with calls from newsmen, reporters, and voters, highlighting the demands of leadership. Still, Kurtis is up for the challenge, even though the paperwork might cause some pain. But hey, as per Blow, nothing beats the rush of being the ‘number one King.’

The joint is not just a dope beat and smooth verses; it’s a metaphorical exploration of power and ambition within the hip-hop culture. Kurtis Blow’s vision of ruling the world ain’t about supremacy. It’s about spreading love, bringing peace, and making the world a better place, ya dig? The track is a testament to rap’s power as a medium to deliver complex messages and stimulate listeners’ imaginations.

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