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Meaning of the song ‘In Control’ by ‘YoungBoy Never Broke Again’

Released: 2019

In “In Control”, YoungBoy Never Broke Again delivers a raw and gritty narrative that explores the realities of life in the streets, beefs, power dynamics, and the constant struggle for dominance. YoungBoy asserts his position as a force to be reckoned within this harsh and precarious environment.

The track opens with YoungBoy mentioning guns, four nines specifically, illustrating the violent environment he’s familiar with. The phrase “Trippin’ off no broke nigga, that fuck nigga get blowed down” is a stark reminder of the unforgiving consequences faced in the struggle for dominance, with those perceived as weak or inferior often becoming victims.

YoungBoy further asserts his authority and control in the line “YoungBoy in control, niggas know I blow your block down.” Here, ‘blowing your block down’ is a metaphor for asserting dominance, while the reference to ‘pull up with them poles’ points to being armed during such confrontations. The phrase ‘get you hot now’ can be perceived as a warning that seeking fame can make one a target in this ruthless setting.

YoungBoy recounts his time in jail with the lyrics “When I was in jail, I was with Nadi on the line, nigga”. This presents the artist’s past hardships and the trials he had to face. YoungBoy connects the violence of his past to the mentality of murder, and the inevitability of facing death when embroiled in hostility.

In the chorus, the phrase “AK, machine guns, 50 Glocks, they big as hell”, serves to highlight his tireless preparedness for conflict, further underlining the brutal reality of his environment. YoungBoy also employs wordplay on his real name – Kentrell – cautioning others not to use it, which implies a tight control over his personal boundaries.

The song concludes with a strong message “Straight gang shit, no lame shit, you know what it is” – asserting the authenticity of his experiences and the realities of gang life.

Throughout “In Control”, YoungBoy Never Broke Again gives us a peek into the volatile nature of the world he navigates. He broaches the topics of violence, dominance, and survival, providing not just a narrative but a cautionary tale of the perils of such a life. The lyrics serve to underscore his position of authority within this landscape and reflect his determination not just to survive, but to be on top.

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