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Meaning of the song ‘Keep It Thoro’ by ‘Prodigy’

Released: 2013

“Keep It Thoro” is a gritty, no-nonsense rap anthem by Prodigy, one half of the legendary New York hip-hop duo Mobb Deep. The song is a declaration of Prodigy’s unapologetic street cred, a dismissal of fake posturing, and a celebration of his meteoric rise from the streets to stardom.

Prodigy starts off by challenging the authenticity of those who claim to be “killers”, a term hinting at a participant in criminal or street activities. The threat of fact-checking these claims with direct, violent action underscores his disdain for pretenders. The phrase “catch a bullet” comes off the urban vernacular which signifies a willingness to engage in gun violence as a reprisal.

He goes on to lay out his rags-to-riches trajectory. From “break[ing] bread, ribs” – engaging in street violence and illicit dealings, to writing a “book full of medicine” – creating influential music, and earning millions. Reference to “paid shows” and “promoters post up bills” is his transition from street hustler to a respected, financially successful artist.

Prodigy expresses that he only signs deals where the “math is real”, emphasizing his business acumen and desire for fair compensation. The “Head Nigga In Charge” is Prodigy himself, a self-crafted epithet asserting his position of power and influence within the rap industry.

The wordsmith circles back to his disdain towards pretenders, warning them to think twice before stepping on his domain. He vows to “snatch stripes off a nigga’s uniform often” – a euphemism for humiliating those who try to check him.

The stark lines about giving “birth to your whole style and feel” screams his influence in the rap game. Prodigy calls out imitators or “duplicate rap cloners”, emphasizing his unique, irreproducible style.

His claim to “rap like no-one out there can fuck with me” exudes supreme confidence, declaring his lyricism and storytelling as unparalleled. This bravado is part of rap’s competitive spirit, where MCs boast about their skills and challenge others to outdo them.

Prodigy finishes on a gloomy note, expressing his desire to join his departed friend, Twin, in the heavens. It’s a poignant moment, showcasing the pain that continues to lurk beneath his tough exterior. Yet, he soon reverts to his aggressive stance, attacking those who tout their music sales while trading in subpar artistry. He brings it home with “I keep it thoro,” affirming his unwavering commitment to authenticity.

All told, “Keep It Thoro” is a vivid testament to Prodigy’s artistry and his unyielding commitment to ‘keeping it real’ – a cornerstone of hip-hop culture.

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