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Meaning of the song ‘Let’s Go Crazy’ by ‘Prince’

Released: 2017

Prince’s “Erotic City – Let’s Go Crazy 7″ B-Side Edit; 2017 Remaster” is a seductive anthem full of sexual innuendos and strong emotions. It’s about an intense, physical connection between two people, where Prince expresses his desire for a woman and their joint escapade in the fantasy land he names the “Erotic City”.

The song starts with “All of my purple life, I’ve been looking for a dame That would wanna be my wife.” Here, “Purple life” could be a reference to Prince’s association with the color purple, especially after his hit film and album, “Purple Rain”. He’s expressing his yearning to find a woman who’d want to be his partner, his wife.

He continues, “If we cannot make babies, Maybe we can make some time.” This suggests that even if they’re not procreating, they can spend some quality time together, hinting towards a physical, intimate relationship. “Thoughts of pretty u and me, Erotic City come alive” is an open invitation to join him in his sensual fantasyland, Erotic City.

“Everytime I comb my hair, Thoughts of u get in my eyes, You’re a sinner, I don’t care, I just want your creamy thighs” Here, Prince is making it clear—he’s infatuated, and he doesn’t care about societal standards or judgment. His focus is on her, the woman he desires.

As the song progresses, verse by verse, Prince keeps repeating the chorus, reaffirming his carnal desires and their rendezvous in Erotic City. The phrase “Making love ’til the cherry’s gone” is a metaphorical way of expressing their passionate, physical interaction.

“All of my hang-ups r gone, How I wish u felt the same” Here, Prince is disclosing that he has let go of his inhibitions and hopes the woman feels the same way about him. He wishes for her to join him in the Erotic City, where they can “funk until the dawn.”

The end of the song sees repeated refrains of the chorus, underscoring the pervasive theme of the song—desire, intimacy, and the wish for shared time in the Erotic City. The final stretch of the song is a climactic repetition of his fantasyland’s name, reminding the listener one last time about the song’s emotional core.

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