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Meaning of the song ‘lil’ freak’ by ‘bbno$’

Released: 2024

“Lil’ Freak” by bbno$ is a playful yet brash portrayal of the artist’s self-proclaimed lavish lifestyle, filled with sexual conquests and abundant riches. The song narrates the artist’s interactions with ‘freaky’ girls, his opulent lifestyle, and his fearless, unwavering confidence.

The song begins with bbno$ expressing his wealth – “Six digits on the check, took it to the bank / Commas after commas.” He boasts about his success and how it allows him to enjoy the company of attractive women (“Got a ten comin’ over, only me to thank”). The phrase “Shootin’ blanks on her back” could mean that he’s sexually active but not trying to have a child. His wealth showcases on his wrist with his jewelry (“My wrist appease, pearls can’t please me”), and he’s living the dream with plentiful money (“I stay creamy, pockets so dreamy”).

In the second verse, he makes a smart play of words – “You MC squared, I’m Einstein” – implying that others are basic while he’s genius. His lifestyle doesn’t just revolve around women and money, he also prioritizes his fitness – “Poppin’ out a sweat at the gym, got your shawty convulsing.” References like “Visa card maxed out, brand-new fits” and “No FaceTime sex, this a slideshow” reflect his lifestyle filled with expensive clothes and sensual pleasures.

In the third verse, bbno$ mentions – “Baby so krill like I’m the whale” – a clever metaphor comparing his woman to a small shrimp (krill) and himself to the dominating whale. He also weaves sexual puns and song references – “Feeling like a 50-cent in a candy shop / Now she tryna’ lick my lollipop.” These lines refer to 50 Cent’s hit song “Candy Shop,” where lollipop suggests sexual innuendo.

In the last verse, bbno$ starts with a hit at his competition – “Come on, pink coop like Anderson” – likely referring to Anderson .Paak and his known affinity for bright pink. bbno$ then braggingly claims to have earned “35 mil’ this year, Wes Banderson.” The line “RuneScapin’ on these hoes got adamant” could be a reference to the online game RuneScape, implying that he’s playing games with women or is ahead of the game. By saying “She a F-R-E-A-K, I’m abstinent,” bbno$ might be suggesting that while these women may be sexually adventurous, he’s not always partaking and maintains some control.

Through it all, the phrase, “She a lil’ freak, she on me / She a lil’ freak, she for the streets,” is a recurring theme, suggesting that the woman he’s with is sexually free and perhaps not meant for a committed relationship. Instead, she belongs to the ‘streets’ which in hip-hop slang refers to being unfaithful or not suitable for a serious relationship.

Overall, “Lil’ Freak” is a candid expression of bbno$’s extravagant lifestyle with a tongue-in-cheek take on relationships. The lyrics are layered with sexual innuendos, wealth flaunting, and the artist’s distinct sense of humor overlaying it all.

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