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Meaning of the song ‘Location’ by ‘Playboi Carti’

Released: 2017

In “Location,” Playboi Carti masterfully encapsulates his elevated lifestyle, upgraded status, and lavish excesses that have accompanied his success in the hip-hop game. Gravitating around his journey from the streets to the sheets of money and fame, the song is a triumphant victory lap showcasing Carti’s raw street energy intertwined with his splashy, luxury-filled lifestyle.

“La música de Harry Fraud” signals that the song was produced by Harry Fraud, a shoutout to the producer’s knack for crafting beat-laden canvases, where artists like Playboi Carti can flaunt their lyrical prowess. The repeated “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah” sets the mood for the song, veering towards a calm, casual swagger.

The punchy “You cannot hop in my car, Bentley coupe riding with stars” underlines Carti’s elevated stature in the hip-hop scene. He paints a picture of his high-end ride, a Bentley coupe, an embodiment of his financial success. This line sets up the contrast between his past and present life, with the Bentley acting as an exclamation mark on his career milestone.

Notice Carti’s not-as-subtle gloat, “I keep a Glock like a cop,”? This communicates his street-smart persona, while also emphasizing his preparedness for trouble, a nod, perhaps, to his past life in the rougher quarters of society.

“She give the top in the drop” is Carti boasting about his sexual prowess while also pointing to his nonchalant attitude toward women using the language that permeates the trap sub-genre of hip-hop.

“Diamonds, they wet on my arms, Tats on my neck and my arms” refers to his flashy jewelry and street-style tattoos – typical visuals in the hip-hop community, signifying wealth, power, and authenticity.

“In this bitch going crazy, I whip this shit like a baby” sees Carti riding the rhythm of the beat, making a statement about his musical mastery and control over the creative process, likening it to effortlessly handling a whip (car or otherwise).

“Pull up I sent the location,” is another street-inspired bar where he’s challenging or inviting someone, whether that’s to a confrontation or a party remains ambiguous, reinforcing Carti’s unpredictable, untamed image within the hip-hop landscape.

Ultimately, “Location” is an opulent display of Carti’s ascension in the world of hip-hop, a flaunting of his luxurious present, while keeping his street origins in view. A jam seasoned with boastful bars, street ethos, and memorable beats, it’s a true testament to Carti’s place in the hip-hop world.

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