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Meaning of the song ‘Look At Me!’ by ‘XXXTENTACION’

Released: 2017

Alright, let’s get it. “Look At Me!” by XXXTENTACION is a raw, unapologetic anthem that became a defining track for the late rapper’s career, giving voice to his penchant for controversy and his uncensored self-expression. This joint is abrasive, in-your-face, with a lo-fi aesthetic that’s all about shock value and the defiant ‘don’t-give-a-f’ essence of X. It’s an aggressive call for attention, throwing punches with its braggadocio and irreverent lyrics that aim to disrupt the norm.

Now, breaking down the verse, XXXTENTACION dives straight into the turbulence of his relationships and the chaos in his life with “I’m like ‘Bitch, who is your man’s?'”, quickly establishing a tone of disrespect and confrontation. “Can’t keep my dick in my pants” speaks to his lack of self-control, painting a picture of a man driven by impulse. The line “My bitch don’t love me no more” illustrates a fallen relationship, where he’s been discarded, leading him to retaliate with “that bitch don’t wanna be friends.” The “amen” after giving her “dick” implies a kind of worship or reverence for the sexual act, perhaps a satire on how sex is idolized.

Flexing on his wrist “about ten” and bringing “a pound of that boof” straight into the studio, X flaunts his wealth and his drug use unapologetically, signaling success and excess. The “Tommy my Hilfiger voots” is a nod to his fashion sense, name-dropping the designer to show off his style. The violent threats that follow, “You put a gun on my mans, I put a hole in your parents,” mix braggadocio with a stark warning, showing his willingness to escalate violence if his crew is threatened. The “lean on my Ksubis” references both a popular high-end jeans brand and the act of spilling lean, a type of drug-infused drink, indicating carelessness with his opulent lifestyle.

The chorus “Look at me, fuck on me” is a repetitive, attention-grabbing command. It’s like he’s forcing the listener to confront him, to acknowledge him, while simultaneously dismissing any deeper connection beyond the physical act, reinforcing his theme of alienation and lust over love.

In the additional verse, X gets more explicit and continues to shock with his lyrics. Taking a “white bitch to Starbucks” and then describing a sexual act graphically is another instance of his disruptive style. The song dabbles in themes of subcultures with references to being a misfit and having an “emo bitch.” The “rock out” phrase pays homage to the rock/metal influences in his music and persona. When he says he’s got “like three bitches, I’m Mormon,” he’s playing with the stereotype about Mormons having multiple wives, using it to exaggerate his own promiscuity.

Ultimately, “Look At Me!” is a raw, in-your-face sonic manifesto of rebellion, jarring with its brazen lyrics and distorted bass. It’s a reflection of XXXTENTACION’s unfiltered mentality and is a piece that illustrates his impact on the SoundCloud rap scene, embodying a youthful, rebellious spirit that craves to be seen and heard at all costs. It’s not just about the words; it’s the emotion, the delivery, and the raw energy that made this track a standout piece in his discography and a representation of a particular facet of hip-hop’s spectrum.

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