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Meaning of the song ‘Low’ by ‘SZA’

Released: 2022″Low” by SZA is a deep dive into her internal struggles with relationship, fame and her self-identity. She touches on how she presents herself to the world versus who she is behind closed doors. She expresses a need for solitude and privacy, while reluctantly dealing with the public scrutiny that comes with fame.

“Tell ’em to shoot
I’m out the loop, I’m outta range
Oh-yeah, I stay out the way-ay-ay!”

Here, SZA uses imagery associated with being targeted, indicating that she’s in a defensive mode. She makes it clear she’s staying out of harm’s way – likely referring to avoiding drama and conflicts in her personal and professional life.

“Got another side of me, I like to get it poppin’
But these bitches in my business got me outchea choosin’ violence”

In these lines, SZA acknowledges her dual nature. “Get it poppin'” indicates she’s not afraid of confrontations when required, but she’d otherwise opt for peace. However, people meddling in her affairs pushes her to defend herself harshly – hence, “choosin’ violence”.

“If you see me out in public, you don’t know me, keep it silent
In the bedroom, I be screamin’, but outside, I keep it quiet”

Here, SZA highlights the contrasting personas she maintains in different contexts. Essentially, she’s a different person in her private life than she appears in public. The world may see a composed, “quiet” SZA, but behind closed doors, she feels free to express her raw emotions. “I be screamin'” might be her metaphor for freely voicing her emotions and opinions.

“I need total confidential private shit (yeah)
Don’t want no one thinkin’ I’m a groupie”

SZA places emphasis on the importance of privacy in her life. She stresses she wishes to avoid being classified or judged by people who know her only from her music or public persona.

“We fuckin’, we ain’t makin’ love no more
You talk that talk, but it don’t match it with some stroke”

This section provides insight into a waning romantic relationship where physical intimacy persists, but emotional connection is lacking. SZA is critical of her lover’s actions not lining up with their words, indicating a sense of betrayal and disillusionment.

“Wherever you are
Whatever you need
Don’t call me
Don’t call me!”

These lines hammer home the song’s central theme – SZA’s need for personal space and detachment. She is emphasizing that she wants to be left alone, without the burden of catering to others’ needs or expectations.

“But you tryna make me look stupid
I’ll slap the dog shit out of you, stop playin’ with you”

In the closing lines, SZA asserts her self-respect, warning that she will retaliate if disrespected. This is the ultimate expression of her unwillingness to tolerate any form of disrespect or manipulation.

Overall, “Low” is a stark exploration of SZA’s conflicted feelings towards her public/private dichotomy, and her assertion of self-worth in the face of personal betrayals and public pressures.

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