Released: 2010

Aight, let’s break it down. Usher’s “More – RedOne Jimmy Joker Remix” is a track that’s all about goin’ for the gusto, squeezing every last drop out the moment. The energy is cranked up, infused with that get-up-and-move spirit. It’s a celebration of pushing limits, living loud, living large, and never settling for anything less than the maximum.

From the jump, Usher commands the scene—saying if you’re really about that life, then let it be known. Holler it out, bring that energy to the dancefloor, and set it ablaze. The lyrics beckon the listener and the crowd to intensify their experience, raising the stakes, and never coasting on the low. With lines like “Gonna push it to the limit, give it more,” Usher ain’t just talking about turning up a party. He’s speaking on life, channeling that ambition to be the best, the main event, the last man standing when it’s crunch time.

Peep the braggadocious bars where Usher refers to himself as “a beast, I’m an animal, I’m that monster in the mirror.” That’s Usher embracing the killer instinct, the drive that separates the greats from the average. Plus, he’s acknowledging the self-awareness that comes with rising above, seeing his potential and his prowess staring back at him. This joint is layered: it’s club-ready on the surface and a hustler’s anthem at its core, speaking to folks who grind it out, day in and day out.

USHER More - RedOne Jimmy Joker Remix

He stays on this theme of resilience and perseverance with lines like “I go hard, can’t stop,” and “Never quittin’, don’t believe in that.” It’s Usher’s own battle cry, refusing to hit the brakes, recognizing that even if he did, it’s only to come back harder. The verses emulate the same infectious determination found throughout the hook—it’s a consistent message that Usher weaves throughout the song.

And the joint climaxes with those calls to action. Usher beckons everyone to rise, get their hands up, and vibe in that same zone he’s in. It’s more than just a part of the track—it’s a metaphor for elevation, a call to lift yourself up to wherever you envision your peak. When he says, “If you want more and more, ’cause I can’t wait to feel it,” you hear that hunger, that readiness to experience the full spectrum of success and excitement.

So when you’re bumpin’ “More – RedOne Jimmy Joker Remix,” know that Usher’s laying down the soundtrack for the go-getters, the dream chasers, the cats who stand up in the ninth inning ready to knock it out the park. He’s crafting a vibe that’s universal to anyone with a pulse and a dream, backing it up with a beat that’s unstoppable, just like the spirit he’s championing.