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Meaning of the song ‘MY EYES’ by ‘Travis Scott’

Released: 2023

Aight, so we’re stepping into the world of “MY EYES” where Travis Scott layers his bars with a soulful reflection mixed with that trademark braggadocio.

This track is all about that hypnotic connection with someone you can’t seem to escape, an ode to a relationship that’s as dreamlike as it is grounded in luxury and the chaos of celebrity life. Young LaFlame is opening up his heart, letting us peek into his loves and life while stunting hard with his wealth and status symbols.

To start off, we got Travis looking directly into the soul of his lover, talking ’bout an eternal bond. He’s caught between falling and drowning in this love, implying it’s both exhilarating and overwhelming.

But then, as if he’s reminding himself of his material success, he jumps to luxury with references like “One thousand on my feet” and “Ten thousand on my eyes.”

That’s Travis-speak for dropping a grand on some exclusive kicks and ten times that on some crazy-expensive shades, probably those limited-edition jawns everyone’s been hyped about.

And with the “Rollie Pollie on my wrist,” he casually flips the script on that Rolex timepiece, asserting his luxury in an almost playful manner.Scott’s lifestyle is non-stop, no chill. Gotta catch flights, can’t even pause for FaceTime.

We hear about the big money moves with “50K” and his internal storms. There’s conflict, but also bliss. The man’s romantically charged (“sworn in by a kiss”) and facing some possible legal drama (“I sweep up cases”).

He’s armored up in designer threads, Bottega for the real heads knowing their fashion game. Homie’s talking about being ‘armed’ with love and lust, and even brings in that mythology with “Cupid creep in, sleep with a hammer.” There’s a whole lot of duality—luxury and struggle, love and chaos.

Even when it comes to communication, it’s the same deal. He’s still using the everyday tools (“AT&T”) to spread his message, but even as he rises above, he ain’t down for petty beefs or stress eating into his vibe. He’s inhaling life and upgrading his mental state to VIP levels while acknowledging every meetup has a touch of innocence.

Then there’s this reflective moment where Travis opens up about expectations and reality, asking if his life is as picture-perfect as it seems.

With fame, the green (money/envy) and yellow (caution/fear) can drip from the eyes of both the beholder and the beheld. He’s had to push back personal feelings for the sake of his art and career.

But Travis doesn’t forget the squad, the sea of people who ride with him, and even hints at the heroics he’d perform for his fans. He reflects on the weight of his creations and the need to stay inspired.

LaFlame ain’t just talking about carrying the torch; he’s a hero to many, from “zero to Usain,” sprinting through life’s marathon.

And we can’t overlook the community uplift bar here. Travis speaks on giving back, providing the tools for the next generation to build something for themselves. He’s got the stage, but no illusions—he’s a raging artist who can’t be tamed or contained.

This life is full-time, all year round, and ain’t about pleasure; it’s about tweaking and making eternal impact. His legacy is sealed.

Last verse is a flex encyclopedia. We got swanky real estate moves, supercars for speed thrills, luxury watches to chase infinite time, and the raw confidence that borders on comedy with the cast of his… well, manhood, as insurance against infidelity.

Travis is living life at breakneck speed, and if you had a day in his life, he advises you not to even blink, or you might miss the magic of his world.

“MY EYES” ain’t just a peek; it’s a panoramic view of Travis Scott’s psyche, blending raw emotion with the high-life and the relentless hustle that defines his journey. It’s a deep dive into that LaFlame lifestyle where love, success, and street wisdom collide in a supernova of real talk and opulence.

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