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Meaning of the song ‘On Me’ by ‘Lil Baby’

Released: 2020

“On Me” by Lil Baby is an assertive narrative on the rapper’s street-to-stardom journey, his financial success, and his relationship dynamic. He portrays his resilient path to success amid all challenges and provides a glimpse into his lavish lifestyle. He also emphasizes the authenticity he maintains, refusing to change his circle as he rises to the top, and appreciating the loyalty he receives from his partner.

The first few bars of the verse focus on Lil Baby’s method for achieving success. “Fill the bando up with bands, give the lil’ bro and them a job” speaks to his decision to use his influence and resources to uplift the people around him. He offers opportunities for them to thrive, subtly throwing some shine on the collective effort. It embodies the hip-hop ethos of pulling your homies up with you.

The line “Keep a certified hitter sitting, I pay him not to rob” is a display of his power and affluence. He’s essentially saying that he’s got someone on his payroll who’s typically a ‘hitter,’ a term often used in gang culture to refer to someone who carries out violent acts, but in this case, Lil Baby is paying him not to resort to his usual ways. It’s a bold statement that underlines his evolution from street life to successful artist.

Another poignant line is “I can’t play with my creation, give the world to my lil’ boy”. Here, he talks about his devotion as a father, acknowledging the responsibility and commitment it takes. He’s conveying that everything he’s built up so far, he would willingly pass down to his son, implying his drive and ambition rooted in love.

He subsequently dives into his relationship dynamics with lines like “Went to jail and that one held me down, she a real bitch”. Showing appreciation for the woman who remained loyal when he was incarcerated, defining her as “a real bitch,” which is a slang compliment for a woman who’s authentically true and has a ride-or-die spirit.

Halfway through, he drops “Ain’t have to get rich for these problems, still with the same folks”. This line is an acknowledgment that his success hasn’t changed his circle. This kind of loyalty is highly valued in the hip-hop community, where staying true to your roots is seen as a sign of authenticity.

The chorus and lines like “If I like it, I spend money on it, get whatever from me” portray his carefree spending and generous nature. The phrase “get whatever from me” is a testament to his willingness to share his wealth with those close to him.

Overall, Lil Baby delivers an unapologetic testament to his success journey in “On Me,” reflecting on the balance between his wealth accumulation, maintaining loyal relationships, and sticking to his roots. It’s a vibrant depiction of one’s perseverance in overcoming their past while embracing a newfound stature in life.

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