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Meaning of the song ‘Our Time’ by ‘Lil Tecca’

Released: 2020

“Our Time” by Lil Tecca is a testament to his meteoric rise in the hip-hop scene, a critique of the fakeness he sees in the industry, and a declaration of his self-determination. With this track, Tecca crafts an anthem for self-recognition and ambition, all while grappling with the negative aspects that come with success.

In the opening lines, Tecca outlines his initial innocence and subsequent disillusionment with fame and ‘friends’ who only show up after his success. When he raps “I don’t know what’s goin’ on / I’m gettin’ to the racks / Now that nigga call me ‘Bro'”, he tackles the issue of fake friends who only materialize when the money starts rolling in, also known as ‘clout-chasers’ in the hip-hop scene. The “racks” here stands for a large amount of money.

With “Now they pull up to my show / I’m just doin’ me / They comparin’ all my flows”, Tecca notes how his newfound fame also brings critics, people comparing him to other artists, but all he’s trying to do is be true to his own style.

In the chorus, when he says “Got your bitch, she on my body and she sucking me on soft”, he takes a jab at his haters by implying that he can effortlessly get their girls attracted to him. The term ‘on my body’ is often used in hip-hop to mean someone being very attracted to or interested in you. But as he progresses, he voices his disappointment in the fakeness of the industry, stating “I swear, I don’t fuck with these niggas / I’m tired, I act like I fuck with these niggas”.

The next crucial element comes when Tecca delves into his self-reflective discourse. “I remember when I didn’t look in the mirror / Now I see I’m the man when I look in the mirror” highlights his increase in self-confidence after proving his doubters wrong. This reflection extends to a broader evaluation where he questions if others in the industry are true to themselves “Are you really the man that you see in the mirror? / Is that really your gang? / Did they help you get here?”.

By the end, Tecca comes to the realization that some people are using him for ‘clout’ or social currency. After going through this journey of rising fame peppered with deceit and disillusionment, Tecca calls for authenticity and integrity in this cutthroat industry. He admits the drawbacks of fame and success but remains determined to stay true to himself and his craft.

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