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Meaning of the song ‘overseas’ by ‘Ken Carson’

Released: 2024

In “Overseas”, Ken Carson flexes his globe-trotting lifestyle, wealth, and his high status. He communicates his experiences as a successful rapper who has seen an evolution in his life, and reflects on his past as he acknowledges that he wouldn’t change a thing.

The first line, “London, Paris, Amsterdam, yeah, I’m overseas” sets the tone for the rest of the song, painting a picture of Ken Carson’s jet-setting lifestyle. When he says “She gon’ suck my soul out me, yeah, she on her knees”, he’s exhibiting an intimate, sexual aspect of his life, a common theme within hip-hop culture.

When he says “I ain’t leaving no paper trail, yeah, this shit free”, he’s suggesting he isn’t bound by the typical trappings of the life he’s at, celebrating an autonomy that he’s achieved through his success.

The line “You ain’t nothin’ like me, you don’t bleed what I bleed”, emphasizes his uniqueness as an artist and the struggles he has faced to reach where he is now. The “bleed” is likely an allusion to the hustle and hard work he’s put in for his career.

“Put the blick down, I’ll beat your ass just like Creed”, Carson draws a parallel between himself and the boxing movie character, Creed, to underline his willingness to fight, a metaphor for his readiness to overcome obstacles.

The line “My dick her Nyquil, I’m bout to fuck this bitch to sleep”, uses a brand name ‘Nyquil’ – a common sleep-inducing medicine, to implement a raw and provocative reference to his sexual prowess, which is a frequent talking point in hip-hop lyrics.

When he says “I’m the reason you got double B on your feet”, he’s implying his influence and trend-setting abilities; the ‘double B’ refers to Balenciaga sneakers, a high-end fashion item. The next line “Ain’t gotta ask if I’m good, I’m Gucci, yeah, I’m double G” Carson cleverly uses wordplay; ‘Gucci’ is a double entendre, referring both to him being good (fine, alright) and to the designer brand Gucci, underlining his prosperity.

The following lines “I wish I could go back in time…”, shows Carson’s reflective side. He treats his success (‘your neck gon’ freeze’ is a reference to him being able to afford expensive, possibly diamond-studded jewelry) with a mix of disbelief and gratitude, wishing he could have reassured his younger self about his triumphant future.

In the line “When I’m in Miami, I feel like LeBron, number 6”, Carson likens his winning mentality to NBA star LeBron James, known for his dominance and success in basketball. The line “Everyday I wake up, I’m feelin’ myself, like Bey’ and Nicki” is a nod to the song “Feeling Myself” by Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé, two powerful, significant figures in music, implying Carson’s own self-confidence and prestige.

The lyrics “The last bitch I broke up with slit her wrist / I’m trollin’, I just treat her like she no longer exists”, reflect a darker side of his personal life, presenting a cavalier attitude towards emotional drama.

Overall, “Overseas” gives us a look into Ken Carson’s lifestyle and mindset, offering a snapshot of his globe-trotting life, material success, romantic encounters, and a reflection on his past and growth.

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